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pippistrellodaqua, Optometrist
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About Jan. of this year my eyelids started itching. Went to

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About Jan. of this year my eyelids started itching. Went to regular eye Dr. He told me I had low grade eye infection, probably caused by droopy eyes and recommended I get surgery to remove excess skin above my eyes so I did that on Feb. 24. My eyes have never healed & they still itch and make me crazy. I've seen 4 opthamologists about this and none seem concerned. They've given me all kinds of salves & eyedrops but nothing stops the itch. Another symptom I have is my eyes feel tight, like they're being drawn with strings. Sometimes it feels like I have sand in my eyes and sometimes it even feels like a needle is pricking my eye. I can't read out of my bifocal lense because it has also blurred my vision. My cousin recently told me she had the same condition and found out it was called blepharitis & that it could be cured by scrubbing the lids with Johnsons baby shampoo. I started doing that about 2 weeks ago, no improvement. This is miserable. Could this be the symptoms of some other disease? How do I cure this?

pippistrellodaqua :

I am happy to assist you with your question today. Yes, blepharitis could be causing some of your symptoms. You mention itch, however, which is a common concern with allergic conjunctivitis which can cause redness, itch, discomfort, and even blurry vision. If the problem is allergic in nature you could try an over-the-counter drop called Zaditor or Alaway which should be taken twice daily. You said that you have tried other drops in the past. I suggest trying either of the two mentioned above if you haven't already. The second set of symptoms you noted (sand in eyes and pricking feeling) along with the blurred vision are classic signs of dry eye disease. Dry eye disease affects females more often than males and often worsens over the years. Dry eye is first treated with artificial tears (I suspect you have already tried these among the "salves & eyedrops) but, I often find that my patients who still suffer from symptoms after artificial tears (and even lid scrubs) will require a more aggressive treatment.


pippistrellodaqua :

Among the more aggressive approaches include prescription eye drops such as Restasis or even some in-office procedures to promote tears to stay on the eye.


pippistrellodaqua :

I am more than happy to discuss these options further. It sounds though, that you have a multi-factoral problem and I suggest maintaining the lid scrubs, adding the allergy drops and potentially obtaining a dry eye workup.


pippistrellodaqua :

I will be available for follow-up questions should they arise. Please don't forget to offer a positive rating once your question has been answered fully. Thanks.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry, I've tried twice now to reply but it's not going thru. I'll try once more. I've determined I have blepharitis or ocular rosacea, another name for it. I have ALL the symptoms. Thanx for your help.

You're very welcome. Ocular rosacea could certainly contribute to your dryness and symptoms. Usually rosacea will be accompanied by patches of redness on the forehead, cheeks, and/or nose. Blepharitis and rosacea often occur at the same time. The good news is that they can both be treated with the lid scrubs and restasis. Sometimes the blepharitis is severe enough that an oral antibiotic (doxycycline) can be prescribed as well. Thanks for the rating. I wish you the best.