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pippistrellodaqua, Optometrist
Category: Eye
Satisfied Customers: 134
Experience:  Specialty in contact lenses, medical eye management, LASIK
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floaters in my both eyes are increasing, what could be the

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floaters in my both eyes are increasing, what could be the reason and what is the remedy

pippistrellodaqua :

Floaters are almost always a normal part of the aging process. A sudden increase of floaters or floaters that take on any color (red appearance especially) may be more problematic. If you are noticing flashes of light kind of like sparklers going off in your vision you should be seen by an ophthalmologist or optometrist. In general the floaters are noticed most often when looking at a bright background or looking at the blue sky. They are caused by condensation or clumping of proteins in the back part of the eye. When these proteins condense they cast a shadow on the retina of the eye and are noticed as floaters. Floaters tend to be drawn downwards by gravity over the years so that they are less noticeable over time. There is one surgery that can remove the floaters but it is rather invasive and is not recommended for cases of normal age-related floaters. If the floaters start to affect the vision or if they become so large that they obscure a portion of your visual field they should be re-evaluated. I should be availabe throughout the afternoon to answer any follow-up questions you may have. Please consider a positive rating when your question is answered fully. Thanks.

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