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pippistrellodaqua, Optometrist
Category: Eye
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Experience:  Specialty in contact lenses, medical eye management, LASIK
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Dear Dpctor, Good Evning and

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Dear Dpctor,

Good Evning and i am from Dubai. Before one year in my medical check up it was found that i have Thyroid disease. Presently i am experiencing poor vision at work and when looking in to the system. Can u just advice me which doctor i have to go, a thyroid specialist or an ophthalmic doctor. I want to get to cure this at the begining stage itself.

I am a social smoker. Will this affect the eye. Will exercise will be helpful to me. I quit smoking already due to this.

Please advice me on the diet and way to solve this case at the earliest.


pippistrellodaqua :

Thyroid problems can definitely affect the vision. Thyroid eye disease symptoms range from no problems at all to permanent vision loss. Treatment of thyroid eye disease includes management of the thyroid hormones AND management of the eye conditions that the thyroid imbalances have caused. Since you are already being treated for the thyroid problem I recommend seeing an ophthalmologist or optometrist for your eye concerns at this point. Thyroid problems can lead to eye problems including concerns with dryness, corneal issues, eye muscle problems, and even vision loss. Your ophthalmologist will treat the eye conditions and refer you back to the thyroid specialist if necessary. I should be available throughout the afternoon to answer any follow-up questions you may have. Please consider positive

pippistrellodaqua :

Please consider positive ratings when your questions have been answered fully. Best of wishes to you.

pippistrellodaqua and other Eye Specialists are ready to help you
I see that you responded but I cannot read the response. Please feel free to ask any follow-up questions. I should be available throughout the day to further assist you. Please don't forget to offer a positive rating when you question is fully answered. Thanks.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dear Doctor,


Thank you for the response. Much Appreciated. If the vision problem is due to thyroid disease, shall i conduct a thyroid doctor first. Is this disease is not curable fully at all? I am much concerned. May be a confident word from your side my be a relief to me to get rid from the doubts. Your previous response is much apppreciational.


The complex word in your response put me in an anxiety to think much worse of my future. Just a thought response from your side will be much helful for me as a relief.




Thanks for the follow-up questions. I recommend seeing the ophthalmologist first still. (S)he will be able to determine if the thyroid hormones are affecting the eye and may run some blood tests to check for thyroid hormone levels in the body. Thyroid conditions can be well treated throughout life. Though there is no "cure" most folks with thyroid problems do very well throughout their life. It is certainly something that may need follow-up care, but I would not worry about it at this point. The most important thing is that you continue follow-up visits (usually once a year) with your eye doctor and/or thyroid specialist. I have many patients who have had thyroid disease for years and have been managed extremely well. I suspect that you are the kind of person who will do well because of your concern for your health. The patients who do poorly are usually the ones who don't care or don't take the time to manage their condition.

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