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A colleague of mine has had an eye infection(red& weeping)

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Hi, a colleague of mine has had an eye infection(red& weeping) for a few weeks, I conduct a lot of meetings and work in close proximity to him. I have been very careful with washing hands after contact, etc but now I also have itchy and sore eyes for last 3 days. My wife has just been told it looks like she has a Pelvic Inflammatory Disease when in for a chat with her doctor. Are these 2 linked?

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If you are worried about having passed on a pelvic inflammatory disease(PID) to your wife because of a doubtful red eye , then I guess it is very unlikely. Even if you were to have contacted a red eye from your colleague, it is more likely to be a viral conjunctivitis which has a self limiting course of 1-3 weeks ( depending on the virulence of the virus).The viruses known to cause conjunctivitis are not known to cause PID.Gonococci ( bacteria) is known to cause bacterial conjunctivitis and also PID. But the chances of these occuring is very very remote in your case as your symptoms are there only for 3 days ( but you have mentioned only itching and soreness whereas gonoccal conjunctivitis would have severe redness along with copious discharge from the eyes). Venereal gonorrhea is known to cause conjunctivitis but not vice versa.

I guess it makes sense to stop worrying along these lines and consider an eye check up by an ophthalmologist if you begin to have redness with discharge in that eye ( for start of antibiotic eye drops). Other wise your symptoms could be due to either viral conjunctivitis ( for which it is enough to use lubricating eye drops such as refresh tears eye drops, 1 drop 4 times a day for a week) or an allergic conjunctivitis ( for which you can use lubricating eye drops along with Alaway eye drops, 1 drop twice a day for 1-2 weeks).

Please feel free to ask follow up questions if any.

Thank you and best wishes.

It was a pleasure to have answered this question.

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Hello Pete O'neil,

I can see that you have viewed the answer but not given any reply or rating. This shows that you probably are looking for further explanation or more information. Please let me know what else you are looking for so that I can try and help further.

Thank you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Apologies I read your answer quickly before having to go out.

We have been informed that the infection is Gonorrhea & Chlamydia...both of us are practicing christians which is why I questioned the possibility of transfer from colleague. All articles say it has to be from sexual contact but I trust my wife and do not believe she would have done such a thing with anyone else especially when we have just started trying to conceive. I have not and would not ever allow myself to get into a situation with another person while married.

Do not know where to go from here, apart from take the treatment...she doubts me and although I trust her 100% if your answer is completely accurate then she must have...but I just do not see it.

Thank you for your help.
Hello Pete O'neil,

Thank you for the reply.

I understand your concern here but I feel it is better to go ahead with the treatment as that is a priority right now. It would be very difficult to answer for me anything regarding how the gonorrheal infection set in ( the gynaecologist would be a better person to give such an answer) but I can assure you that the chances of your assumption is quite remote ( gonoccal conjunctivitis causing PID) , that's all.Gonoccal conjunctivitis is however known to be transmitted due to direct or indirect sexual contact or contact with an infected individual.It is rare in adults and is more often seen in newborn babies of infected mothers.

You could read this article for more information-

Thank you
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