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Jelly like substance is growing on my eyeball. Help!

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I have a jelly like substance growing on the white of my eye. It is expanding and growing towards the iris. How can I remove it?

Hi. What you are most likely experiencing is called a Pinguecula, which is related to a more extensive growth, called a Pterygium : A Pterygium is a growth that comes over the cornea (the clear part of the eye). It can be just on the edge or it can grow large enough to interfere with vision. What causes it? Sunlight exposure, chronic eye irritation and life long exposure to UV light seem to be a causative factor. A Pterygium can sometimes become red and irritated. This will respond to lubricating eye drops such as natural tears and, if necessary, prescription eye drops. If it becomes large enough to interfere with vision it can be surgically removed, but they have a tendency to return. A Pterygium is not a form of cancer. A Pinguecula is a small yellowish spot on the white part of the eye, usually near the corneal edge. It, also, is not a tumor, but rather a change in the conjunctiva of the eye with a abnormal deposit of fat and protein. Unlike a Pterygium a Pinguecula tends not to grow onto the clear cornea and, as such, it requires no surgical treatment. If the Pinguecula becomes inflamed it can be treated with soothing drops. Sometimes a Pinguecula rubs on soft contact lens or a patient doesn't like the way it looks. If this is the case it can be easily removed by surgery but often a scar is left behind that is as cosmetically bad as the original growth. Does this make sense to you? It was a pleasure to be able to help you today. If you would be so kind, please help me get credit for my efforts in answering your questions and press the excellent feedback button for this encounter. I would also be happy to continue to answer any more questions you have until we have resolved your concern. Let me know if I can answer any other questions for you. Have a great day.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I would like to know the name of eye-drops that would help to eliminate / get rid of this 'Pinguecula'. Do eye drops only serve to 'soothe' it if it is irritated which it does be sometime if I get something in my eye or if I have a cold, go out in the wind or sand etc Even something that would reduce it somewhat as it is quite noticeable in one eye - the right eye in particular.

There are no eye drops, medicines, diet or therapy that will remove a Pinguecula or Pterygium. The only way to get rid of either of them is with surgery by an ophthalmologist.