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Dr. Susan
Dr. Susan, Ophthalmologist
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my right eye has been droopy for about 8 months now. when i

Resolved Question:

my right eye has been droopy for about 8 months now. when i blink it doesnt go up all the way. Ive been stressed about finding work, and i have bad allergies. I take loratidine. I was wondering what could it be. I seen an eye doctor 2 months ago and she said my eyes were ok. she seen my eye and she didnt know what could be causing it.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Susan replied 5 years ago.

Dr. Susan : Hello and welcome to JustAnswer! I am currently online and able to help answer your questions. Are you available to chat?
Expert:  Dr. Susan replied 5 years ago.
Hello! A droopy eyelid or ptosis in a young, healthy man needs to be evaluated! Have you had trauma, is this long standing, do you have other medical problems? Two worrisome conditions that need to be ruled our are:
1. Myasthenia Gravis- this is a condition that can affect the eyes or the entire body. Usually the muscles function fine in the morning but throughout the day the muscles become more fatigued and ptosis is noted. Other signs of this problem can be double vision. Your pupils will not be affected in this condition.
2. An aneurysm, abnormal dilation of blood vessels in the brain- this condition is very serious and needs immediate attention. Neuroimaging is the way to diagnose this condition. You may also experience a headache.

Other less worrisome conditions that this could be without knowing the specifics of your situation are-
1. Pre-existing droopy eyelid but mild- now that you have aged a bit, it has become more evident
2. Trauma in the past has made these muscles weak or has caused detachment.

Regardless I highly recommend that you see an ophthalmologist for this condition. If you can see an ovule plastic surgeon or a neuro- ophthalmologist, that will be even better. I hope that you will seek a second opinion. You need to have specific testing done.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I see fine out of my right eye. I dont see double vision. I never had any trauma or anything. I dont have any medical problems.
Expert:  Dr. Susan replied 5 years ago.
Thank you for your response. These are all good signs. You most likely just have levator dehiscence.
In cases of levator dehiscence ptosis, the tendon of the muscle that lifts the eyelid (the levator palpebrae) may loosen or detach from its point of insertion. As a result, the muscle’s natural effect is weakened. The risk of this type of ptosis increases with age, although cases of trauma, prior eye surgery, and contact lens use may also result in levator dehiscence. However, these causes do not apply to you. When this problem occurs, surgery can be performed to re-attach this tendon or to shorten this muscle to increase its strength. This surgery is generally performed under local anesthetic, except in children, and carries an excellent success rate.

Since you have not had trauma or previous eye surgery you may have congenital ptosis. Congenital ptosis is usually due to a developmental problem with the levator muscle. This problem is generally present from birth, although it may be diagnosed slightly later in life.

Lastly, you may have have a situation that is not even ptosis but presents as such. Excess skin around the eyelids (dermatochalasis) and drooping of the eyebrows (brow ptosis) can give the appearance of a droopy lid.

Although any of these cases are possible- the worrisome causes that I mentioned earlier need to be evaluated and ruled out. Sometimes there are pupillary abnormalities that are asymptomatic and can only be detected by a trained specialist. For this reason, I ask you to see an oculoplastic surgeon whom can do a thorough evaluation on you and offer your treatment.

Best of luck!
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