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Dr-Trace, Board Certified Ophthalmologist
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my left eye has been itchy for a few days now....but doesnt

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my left eye has been itchy for a few days now....but doesn't look like pink eye. just really irritated and after i sleep a bit of extra stuff in it, but not super crusty glue like pink eye...could this be the beginning of pink eye developing or is it something else....i am planning on being out of town for the doctor visit is not really an option...any home remedies? i don't wear glasses and have really hard time getting eye drops of any kind actually into my eye

Dr-Trace :

HI - I'm Dr. Lewis and I would be happy to answer your question.

Dr-Trace :

You are right , your eye condition does not sound like pink eye, but it could be early in the infection. If the eye gets itchier,more crusty, more red or swollen or it spreads to the other eye then it probably is pink eye.

Dr-Trace :

If it is irritation or allergy there is a home remedy you can use. Go to the pharmacy and buy a generic eye wash, like Bausch and Lomb - it says eye wash and comes with an eye cup. Since you have a hard time putting in drops, using the cup will make things easier.

Dr-Trace :

Pour the solution into the eye cup and tilt your head forward onto the cup with your eye closed. Then tilt your head back and open your eye. Move your eye looking left and right to flush the eye completely. Keep as tight a seal as possible around the eye. Flush for about a minute and then discard the solution. Clean the cup thoroughly in between use.

Dr-Trace :

I would recommend you do this three or four times a day until your symptoms feel better. If your vision worsens at any time however, it would be necessary to see an eye doc.

Dr-Trace :

I hope this answers your question.

Dr-Trace :

Dr. T.


Thanks so much! Will buy it today! Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX!

Dr-Trace and other Eye Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
So I used up the whole bottle and it seemed to help but still itching, especially in the evening...stil not pink eye and hasn't spread...anything else I should still seems fine
There are a few other things this could be. First, if it is an allergic reaction on you eyelashes/lids this is called blepharitis and is easily treated without eyedrops. Go to your pharmacy and buy a product called cetaphil soap. All the pharmacies carry it.

When you take your shower, get some bubbly soap dilute with water on your fingernails and scrub the margins of your lids with an open eye (the cetaphil will not burn your eye), top and bottom. Then rinse and dry. Do this for a few days and see if the itching stops.

If not, then we are committed to an eye drop. The best over the counter eye drop for allergy is alaway and it can be used twice a day.

Try this all in a stepwise procedure and let me know how it goes.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
so, i tried the soap on friday, sat and be honest it seemed to help, but my eye is now so raw that anything stings and the skin is so dry and irritated that it feels worse, but i just don't know if that is really an indicator of anything going on infection when your noise feels raw from blowing even when your cold may be getting better or even gone

i tried putting some vaseline around the corners of my eye, last night and this morning because the skin is kind of sticking to itself and really not happy, the eye isn't swollen, but the skin seems tired (i am starting to have an extra flap above the eye, i am guessing the skin is just strectched out a bit)

i am trying not to use mascara and eyeliner as much as possible, but my job requires me to wear a bit of eye shadow at the very least (trying to put it just on the top and not close to the actual eyelids)

also, one thing i forgot to mention in the last communication is that every day or so i have started pulling bits of yellowish snot looking stuff out of the eye

also some one showed me a trick to pull out the bottom eye lid and drop the eye drop into the little pocekt that creates, doesn't work perfect, but seems to be a better option than i had before...

do you think i should try the alaway and if so is the method i described above ok, or do you have any other tips i might try?

do you think the vasaline is a good idea or is there something else i should try to heal the "rawness"?

are there any questions that you have that might better determine the next step?

thanks again for your help!
At this point, I would ask your primary care doc or your ophthalmologist to call in a script for erythromycin ophthalmic ointment to put on the skin after cleaning. You can just call the nurse and ask for a script. It must be ophthalmic prep since you are using around the eyes. The erythromycin will help with the blepharitis (yellowish discharge) and the emollient in the ointment will soothe the skin.

Also, try to cut down on the cleaning a bit, maybe 2 - 3 times a week and put the e-mycin ointment on the lids immediately after. After a week or so, you should be able to resume wearing makeup and mascara. Then try and clean your lashes only 2 to three times a week, titrate it down if your skin feels slightly raw and you should be able to stop using the ointment.

I think you should hold off on the drops since this is only one eye and less likely to be allergy than blepharitis.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks, all better :) i ended up going to my doctor as they were very hesitent to give the ointment without seeing me...and they said everything you had reccomended was right on they encouraged me to keep trying the cetaphil and eye wash and i did cut back on the cetaphil a bit as i was doing it twice a day, which i later realized was not what you had the over irratation was probably my fault...they did put in a perscription for the ointment, but asked me to wait a few days to fill it, but by that time i really felt like it was mostly better, just thanks again for everything!

not sure what brought the whole thing about as i have never had any problems with my eyes other than one round of pink eye in grammar school, but glad to have it done :)
So very happy to hear that everything is better. Truly makes me happy. Have a great weekend.

Dr. T