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Dr-Trace, Board Certified Ophthalmologist
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Ive been suffering from headaches every day for the last

Resolved Question:

hi, ive been suffering from headaches every day for the last couple of months, they usually are a dull headache throughout all my head and neck, sometimes there is sharp throbbing in different areas, i usually wake up with the headache otherwise usually takes less than half an hour for them to start and they last all day, i try hard not to take painkillers often to avoid rebound headaches however sometimes epecially at work i need them to get through the day, and if i dont take something for it my headache worsens and turns into a migraine, when the headaches really bad i take mersyndol for it however if i leave it to late nothing helps! sleep seems to be my only escape even if i take medications it helps but never fully takes away my headache, ice helps for a bit but soon comes back afterwards,
-i have had a ct brain scan
-eyes tested
- i dont suffer anxiety or depression
-not under much stress
- im taking magnesium
-i have been going to chiropractors, getting massages, bowen therapy
- i have recently started takeing deralin ( havent noticed much improvment yet)
-am waiting for blood tests to come back
-i am on the pill however i have been on the same one for about 2-3 years and never had any problems
- liver failure runs in my family however i had my liver checked about a year ago ( would it be worth getting checked again?? i read that it can lead to headaches? )
please help im running out of answers? could it be a deficiency in something??
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr-Trace replied 5 years ago.
Dr-Trace :

Hi - I'm Dr. Trace and I would like to help you with your questions. Reading through all your symptoms, it does sound as if you are suffering from severe migraines. Migraines are sometimes difficult to treat and no one medication works for every patient. You have been on multiple medications with what seems to be pretty poor success.

Dr-Trace :

What I would recommend is to definitely switch birth control methods. Oral contraceptives, even if you have been on them for two to three years can exacerbate migraines. So can different foods, lighting conditions, wine, chocolate, etc.

Dr-Trace :

I do not think your liver is causing your problems, especially since it was checked a year ago and you are not jaundiced, (yellow coloring to your skin and the whites of your eyes) or have other symptoms of liver disease.

Dr-Trace :

What I would recommend is a good neurologist with a subspeciality in migraine treatment. The better docs are in the big cities and they have availability to the newest and most effective treatments. Don't stop looking for a treatment that works. It can take many tries. Keep a food and drink journal of what you take in - especially caffeine and drinks - sometimes they include caffeine and you don't even know it. Also keep a log of what you use on your skin, hair etc., like new detergents, shampoos etc. Show them to your doc. And finally, be your own advocate. If you are not getting better, find another doc. There are answers out there.

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