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Dr-Trace, Board Certified Ophthalmologist
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Hi, I turned 19 recently and vegetarian since birth. Can someone

Resolved Question:

Hi, I turned 19 recently and vegetarian since birth. Can someone please help me get to the bottom of this? It is really frustrating! A friend doctor says I have elevated cortisol because of stress on the adrenal gland.. I started taking adreset for stress related fatigue and I feel somewhat better. So seems like a valid assumption but I think there must be a root problem behind all this since all the symptoms continue and I'm only 19.

I got a blood test and here were some results, if it helps at all:

Hemoglobin: 16.2
TSH: 0.431
Thyroxine (T4): 7.5

-Extreme Lethargic / Fatigue!! many times after meals
-STRESS! & anxiety
-tired eyes and face often look aged/tired!
-short term memory loss
-cognitive fog
-slight headaches often (since young age, used to get horrible ones)
-often easily irritated/angry (since young age)

-Penile shrinkage, especially after taking caffeine (like how it gets when your in cold water, except almost all the time unless I am aroused though still sometimes doesn't get as hard as it can get)

-Hands easily get really numb often in bed when there slightly elevated
-dont seem to get morning wood a lot
-always have to wake up and pee in night
-light sleeper (since young age)
-often wake up tired
-often feel dehydrated even when drinking enough water (since young age)
-always feel an urge to poop or pass gas at night which keeps me up late, usually until I do one of the 2
-sometimes at night I get pressure feeling in my heart when staying up late
-slight swollen feeling in front of neck sometimes
-feeling drugged or high sometimes at night

Starting taking "adreset" that support adrenal stress related fatigue which are my biggest symptoms and I noticed some difference, feel more energy and think more clear when taking it but most other symptoms on list are still present, just wondering if there is something I am not seeing that may be a root cause
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr-Trace replied 5 years ago.

Dr-Trace :

Hi - I am Dr. Trace and I am going to try and help you with your concerns. First, I want to discuss your "curbside" consult with your friend doctor regarding cortisol levels. You have given values for hemoglobin, TSH and T4. Did anyone ever test your ACTH or cortisol levels? If you have a hyper or hypofunctioning adrenal gland, then these measurements must be taken directly. Symptoms of a hypofunctioning adrenal gland can invoke everything you describe. Extreme fatigue, weight loss, dehydration, irritability and the fact that you feel better taking the natural supplement adreset are supportive of this. If you do have this problem, it is readily treated by a good internist or endocrinologist.

Dr-Trace :

Reading your descriptions, I am under the impression that you are worried and trying to self-diagnose. This isn't a good idea. I would recommend that you see a good endocrinologist who can put your mind at ease regarding all your symptoms. Taking advice from others, even well meant advice from doctor friends, without a full exam and supportive lab testing can get you into trouble. It can lead you to put forth what you believe are important factors but actually miss what's really important.

Dr-Trace :

Finally, I would like to stress that you shouldn't worry too soon about what you perceive to be problems. As doctors, this we are trained to get to the "root cause" and we take an oath to do this for you. If you feel you are not getting answers, you can be a self advocate and make an appointment with another trained professional. There are always specialists available to you to point you in the right direction.

Dr-Trace :

Please feel free to ask me any further questions that you may have.

Customer: Thank you so much Trace, from my own research I always felt like I should be getting some things directly tested.. So I will do that and let you know. Your right I shouldn't worry too much but I have been like this for a few years, became somewhat antisocial, and wasting my life. The reason why I am being much more proactive about it is now also is because I have so many things going for me yet my body feels like its being dragged along . It's so hard to have business meetings, music performances... Etc when I have these symptoms so I am trying to hopefully rid of them ASAP. Thanks again Trace, I will let you know what results are when trying to get those tests done.
Customer: :)

Also, I forgot to mention that in 2009 I had some kind of blood analysis and they showed me that I had "Rouleau" in my blood:

Full Size Image
Full Size Image

Dr-Trace :

I am not certain if rouleux formation is associated with Addison's disease (low cortisol) or not. It usually occurs due to increased plasma proteins in the blood which can happen in Addison's but also many other diseases. Again, see an endocrinologist as soon as you can and tell them about your symptoms and the rouleux formations in your blood..

Dr-Trace and other Eye Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hey Trace! ..I am still not able to see a doctor yet until a few weeks and I wanted to ask you about a big frustration for me right now. I am not able to go to earlier then I would like. At around 8-9pm I eat dinner and have at around 1am-2am, I have to pass gas or go poop every night and not able to fall asleep until I relieve the urge. This becomes a big problem because it makes me more tired and stressed throughout the day in the first place.

I started taking enzymes with each meal throughout the day but it doesn't help.

Also I noticed a few times that I had 2 brown string like things sticking out of the poop as well and thought that might possibly mean something.

Any ideas of what this could be and how I can solve it?


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