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Five days ago I had cataract surgery and now have a Tecnis

Resolved Question:

Five days ago I had cataract surgery and now have a Tecnis Multi focal IOL. My sight for the first two days was totally through the fog. The fog is lifting daily. I can't focus well at any distance, I'm hopeful that will change. I am estatic about seeing true colors again, for example the white washer dryer which had appeared cream in color prior to surgery. Another major concern I have is that my field of vision is considerably deminished, I'd say 1/3rd less compared to my eye that has not had surgery. Will this improve. Also, I'm am still wearing my bifocals. I don't think I can consider the next surgery until I can see better. thank you.
H Jones
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr-Trace replied 5 years ago.
Dr-Trace :

It's wonderful that you are seeing true colors again with your post-operative vision. Multifocal IOL's are very much in vogue right now and give relatively comparable vision to the standard single vision IOL's used in the past.

Dr-Trace :

I am not very concerned that you were foggy initially after the surgery because I am assuming you were checked immediately one day post op by your ophthalmologist as this is the standard of care. As long as you are having no pain, the vision is improving daily and your eye is not getting increasingly red, you should be fine.

Dr-Trace :

I am not quite certain what is causing the diminished field of vision however. It is possible that the multifocal IOL might initially affect your field of vision compared to the other eye since it works in a sort of bull's eye configuration but I would immediately address this issue with your surgeon and have him or her dilate the eye and check the peripheral retina.

Dr-Trace :

Your surgeon should be available to your day or night for calls and questions. Especially in this post op period. In this case, a call may be warranted.

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