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Dr. Susan
Dr. Susan, Ophthalmologist
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My better half just had Strabismus surgery yesterday. He

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My better half just had Strabismus surgery yesterday. He accidentally sprayed cat milk/food from a stuck syringe while trying to feed a kitten into the affected eye. His doctor is not in for advice, so how should he proceed? He was given saline last night to use for cleaning around the eye and for a wet compress, can he use that to clean out the eye? Any other suggestions?

Thank you!
Dr. Susan : Hello and welcome to JustAnswer! I am currently online and able to help answer your questions. Are you available to chat?
Dr. Susan : Did he hit the eye or just spray it?

He pushed the syring which was stuck with the food and it rickochet a bit into his eye


Just a bit of the cat milk sprayed in

Dr. Susan : Is he I'm pain or is the eye more red after the incident?

Not the syringe


The eye is still very red from surgery so there's no way for it to get more red


No pain


He's just worried because they said nothing is supposed to get in the eye

Dr. Susan : Ok! Good- I would not worry! Just ask him to keep the eye well lubricated with artificial tears. Not the products they gave you- those are for the outside of the eye. If he has antibiotic ointment (erythromycin) that too is good!

He's allowed artifical tears?

Dr. Susan : Well that is true! But accidents happen. He is on antibiotics?
Dr. Susan : Yes lubricating tears preservative free- maybe you should help put them in his eyes!
Dr. Susan : I don't want him to poke himself!

They gave him Tobradex (Tobramycin + anti-inflammatory mix)


4 times a day

Dr. Susan : Very good! Use the lubricating tears too if he is feeling dry

Lubracate first then wait how long for antibiotics?


I think his next dose is due


Do they cancel each other out at all?

Dr. Susan : 5 minutes
Dr. Susan : The ointment will help prevent infection from bacteria
Dr. Susan : No! Not at all.

Thank you!

Dr. Susan : If he doesn't feel irritated just do the ointment alone

Much appreciated. Going back to the hospital would be us out there for 8+ hours haha. Just wanted to make sure.

Dr. Susan : Glad to help! Please press the ACCEPT button so that I can earn credit! Any positive feedback is also appreciated!
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