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Dr. Susan
Dr. Susan, Ophthalmologist
Category: Eye
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Experience:  Board Certified & Fellowship trained eye surgeon.
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I had suffered trauma to my right eye, a piece of at high

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i had suffered trauma to my right eye, a piece of wood at high speed entered my eye. I suffered a detached retina, had the surgery and was very successful along with vitrectomy. 3 months later my vision is 20/40 and improving my surgeon told me I am 1 in 99 to have what I have. My question is the pupil is enlarged and the doc said it is from the trauma, its not alot larger but I do suffer from glare, Im not complaing but what can be done if anything. I think he said something about a sweep maybe does that sound familiar?? I go back in a month to have 2 sutures removed and a refraction test done, I'm very happy with my results he also said if the trauma would have been a little higher my vision would have not come back, the trauma was at the 9 oclock position, I virtually have most of my vision back, I'am 48 and am healthy and very active not overweight eat right and take care of myself. He was shocked to hear that i dont need reading glasses and I had 20/20 before accident any help would greatly be appreciated thank you, john
Dr. Susan : Hello and welcome to JustAnswer! I am currently online and able to help answer your questions. Are you available to chat?


Dr. Susan : Hi- so the pupil is peaked at a specific area?

it is slightly enlarged

Dr. Susan : But round?
Dr. Susan : Or teardrop?

very slightly out of round

Dr. Susan : Well if it is that noticeable and it doesn't bother you too much- I would leave it alone
Dr. Susan : With every surgery you increase the risk of new problems

the glare is bothering me he said something a sweep does that soung familiar

Dr. Susan : Like an infection. You have been very lucky so far.
Dr. Susan : Ok- that is a different issue

what is a sweep?

Dr. Susan : A sweep implies that's small part of the pupil is stuck either in itself or other tissue. The surgeon will sweep it out and flatten it.

a risk of bleeding also?

Dr. Susan : That is quick and simple

is this a risky surgery with risk of bleeding in the iris?

Dr. Susan : Depend how tightly the tissues are attached
Dr. Susan : Should not be too much

what is this proceedure referred as?

Dr. Susan : Well every time you enter the eye there is risk of infection, bleeding, etc! It does not have one name but iris reconstruction or lysis of adhesions
Dr. Susan : Depends how involved the case turns out.

is it worth considering?

Dr. Susan : Of course! It's simple and you are symptomatic. The glare can be very bothersome.

1 more thing what is usually the outcome of this proceedure

Dr. Susan : Of course the best person to ask is your surgeon- he know how you heal, what previous problems you've had, his own skill. Although he sounds like he is very skill!!!

yes im very fortunate with my 2 surgeons they are wonderful

Dr. Susan : Yes! So don't worry- its worth a try!
Dr. Susan : He used the term sweep- that tells me he is not worried! That it is simple
Dr. Susan : "reconstruction" is more involved
Dr. Susan : Can I help you with anything else?

no thank you very much

Dr. Susan : I hope our conversation has helped you today! Please press the ACCEPT button so that I can earn credit.

ok have a nice day

Dr. Susan : Any POSITIVE feedback is appreciated! Good luck and keep me posted!
Dr. Susan : You too!
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