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Dr. Susan
Dr. Susan, Ophthalmologist
Category: Eye
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Experience:  Board Certified & Fellowship trained eye surgeon.
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4yrs ago in sitting position fell on sacrum impacting to

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4yrs ago in sitting position fell on sacrum impacting to corner of step.felt crack up to neck; outstretched hand impacting at shoulder/neck. In Nov'11, apart from neck, thoracic chiropractor adj'd to skull base, C1, C2; I get electric shock pain in either eyes. happens mostly when sleeping, hits hard at eye ball. then trauma pain. It keeps mild flickering shocks and occassional hard hits. Fearing blindness. Is this optic or sympathetic nerve irritation from spine or localised to eye itself? Could this be a disc protrusion or excessive adjustment? Neuro checked eyes in Nov, but normal. But still happening. L eye just happened as I write this. Also get ear pain and infection like feeling. And also used to get outer ear near ear lobe at jaw pain if that helps correlate.
Dr. Susan : What an unfortunate accident you have experienced. But rest assured that it does not account for the issues that you are experiencing in you eyes. Herniated disc do not affect the optic nerve; they do however affect the nerves in your neck and perhaps that gives you the sensation of eye pain. If your eye specialist has already cleared you as far as eye problems, you may want to consult a pain specialist.

Thank you Susan. I have had unrelated electric shock sensations to other areas of body also bottom of legs and back as confirmed L5 nerve root compression and what I see in MRI as osteophytes at L4/5, L3/4, L2/3 arising at superior articular process bilaterally abutting to dura sac. I assume arachnoiditis ossificans. and into arms.


Shock sensations also was felt at arms and upper back and muscle wasting and twitching and loosing muscle mass starting to feel like old lady! So I bought Crazy Fit Massage vibrator. This overcome most electric shock sensations that last a split of a second.

Dr. Susan : Oh no! How unfortunate! Have you consulted a pain specialist?

But the neck which shows other changes at C4, C5, etc I neck to me looks like is out of allignment as it appears to be a fracture at C6/C7 and looking through the mouth in the x-ray shows the centre part shifted.


This gave spasms and ongoing neck problems that I have had massages to reduce pain, add elasticity and shoulder massage to release neck shortening symptoms.


I saw Pain Specialist orthopaedic surgeons...who just look at my x-ray and say you have chronic pain syndrome...and should see Pain Clinic. Am on waiting list for a long time..!!!

Dr. Susan : Well I am glad that you have found a massager that gives you some relief!
Dr. Susan : Can I answer any more eye questions for you today?

Was given amitrip by Pain Specialist, but some improvements but returned to pain, given I see many structural mechanical changes in spine.


For the eye...this happened for the first time since the adjustments to upper neck. If it is cleared by eye specialist that eye s are clear....then what exactly is the issue with neck?


I have come a long way with multi modality treatment on managing my pain. BUT eyes ...this is serious... Any neuro surgery options do you think? Could it be a disc bulge, or facet osteophyte...usually where exactly does this nerve irritation is close to?

Dr. Susan : I am not exactly sure but be very careful when you have these specialist perform cervical procedures on you! Please make sure that they are highly trained

I know..particularly when they cannot answer simple questions when I even show them fractures and poserior end plate narrowing, fracture on ilium and they agree and when they write report they say no significant fractures are seen. Have read too much on contraversies in this orthopaedic game with injuries.


When they do not answer or correlate corrrectly..I too wonder how they fix problems...or create more problems. That is why I am looking at many opinions given theirs are short with only have chronic pain....and then what? Too biased for the masters who feed them!!!

Dr. Susan : If you are satisfied with our conversation please press ACCEPT so that I get credit for my efforts!

Does this ongoing shocks damage eyes in the long term? Does it leave stroke type fat deposit in the nerves causing nerve narrowing?

Dr. Susan : No- not at all! The optic nerve dies when there is decreased blood flow to it! The shocks that you are feeling are deu to compressions of the nerve roots of your face!

Would the facecial nerve be trigeminal neuralgia?


Would give facial symptoms also?


I thought Trigeminal neuralgia would give pain to eye, jaw or cheek, but not shock only at tip of eye and disappear after hitting at it or mild multiple flikerring is what is the symptoms?

Dr. Susan : The faciAl nerve is not the same as the trigeminal nerve. But it is the trigeminal is most likely the source of your problems. It has 3 branches- one of which is near the eye. So the pain may be referred pain from the impingement of this nerve. Referred pain means pain that actually occurs somewhere else in the body but it is felt in a different location. We are not sure what the cause of referred pain in. Once you get the actual problem under control just referred pain will hopefully resolve.

I see a nerve distribution picture that fits with your 3 branches. This is noted as sympethetic nerve. It is marked as pterygopalatineor cilliary ganglion. This cilliary shows coming from base of skull and the 3 branches one is branching out from C1 and C2. So what you saying is the impingment is most likely from C1 or C2?


I guess your answer to this will finalise my correlation!


I mean pterygopalatine


Could it then be the 3rd branch which is pterygopalatine that arises out of C1/C2 impingement to be the most probable source?


?? please answer my last question so I can close this conversation..


R U There?



Dr. Susan and other Eye Specialists are ready to help you
Sorry for the delay. Yes you are correct- there could be impingement there or along the sympathetic chain which can go Down the neck to c3-4.
Hope you find some relief soon!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you Susan for your answers. I am sure you were not expecting to meet a patient like me!!!

I would have paid a bonus for your honesty with your opinion...but I am not paid a cent for last 4 years for my acute and chronic injury. I am fighting the "system" and have many more questions for orthopaedics and neurologists to go.

I am sure these answers will indeed lift your profile for patients...but provided they ask the right questions!!

Thank you....

I hope that I have helped you today! I do not expect a bonus! If you could give me feedback- the will be be sufficient! Thank you!