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Subconjuctival hemorrhage symptoms? It's, I didn't get an

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Subconjuctival hemorrhage symptoms?
It's Sarah, I didn't get an answer?
You mashed the accept too early :) I was still working on answering your question on the other link...
It doesn't sound like it is related to your EDsyndrome....sounds a lot like pink eye :(
The best thing for that is cold compresses and artificial tears to soothe your eyes.
It sounds like you have viral conjunctivitis. As this is a virus no antibiotics are necessary as they only treat bacteria, not viruses. You should use cold compresses and natural tears as often as you want to soothe your eyes. This infection usually runs its course in a week or so.
It is also very contagious so make sure to wash your hands well, don't share towels etc. It is likely that other members of your household will catch this.....But not to worry, in the vast majority of cases the infection resolves without any residual effects.
On another topic, have you had your retina's checked by an ophthalmologist or a retina specialist? There may be retina issues associated with your underlying systemic disease that need to be watched...
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks so much! That is what I feared... I have a Dentist appointment today and some spa treatments later should I cancel them today and if so how long until infectious period is over?
You should be OK to keep both of those appointments....just wash your hands a lot and don't have the spa person work on your head/face.
The DDS will be OK as she will wear a mask and will only be working in your mouth...
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
even with my only draining being constant tearing ad the redness area small and very red you think most likely pink eye... it no longer hurts after the eye drop flushing this morning?
It is hard to be 100% sure with chat as my only diagnostic "tool". The best way to tell for sure, of course,is with an exam. That being said, if things feel better with the drops and the watering/discharge resolves today, then I would think it is NOT pink eye as pink eye sticks around for a couple of weeks...
Does that make sense?
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yup! Thanks Doc... Cleared that up for me thanks a bunch! Have a wonderful day! Take care of yourself!
Sarah ;-)
You too!