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Dr. Rick
Dr. Rick, Board Certified MD
Category: Eye
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Experience:  Ophthalmology since 1994 with Retina sub-specialty interest
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I have Elers-Danlos Syndrome Type II, Mitro Valve Prolapse,

Customer Question

I have Elers-Danlos Syndrome Type II, Mitro Valve Prolapse, and Postural Static Hypertension, as well as inter-cranial instability at c1-c2 and laxius ligumius at c4-c5 and 3 mm Chiari, and probable occult tethered chord! I don't know where at 29 I would have gotten pink eye, but this "Subconjuctival hemorrhage symptoms" sounds much more plausible... I awoke with struggling to open right eye, flushed it, now can open it, but lots of white, clear discharge is coming out... I can see perfectly....but have redness in my inner cornea ? Corse the white part inside the eye not touching the pupils? Help... Is this caused perhaps by my primary dx out of control? Thxs!
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Rick replied 5 years ago.
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My recent question was when will I no longer be contagious... I have a dentist appointment and some spa appointments coming up should I cancel them until?

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Expert:  Dr. Rick replied 5 years ago.
Oops! You mashed the pretty accept button a little early :)
Let's continue to work on your question, shall we?
Expert:  Dr. Rick replied 5 years ago.
Is the redness really, really, red? Like a piece of raw meat?
Do you lids stick together from the discharge?
On another topic have you had your retina's examined by an ophthalmologist or a retina specialist? With your EDS there are things in your retina that may need to be closely followed......
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have been check by an opthalmologist and have an appointment for follow up care in March... Yes I understand... No my lids do not stick together just lots of clear discharge... and red as in the pics for the condition I inquired about.
Expert:  Dr. Rick replied 5 years ago.
If it is as red as the pictures you see when you google subconjunctival hemorrhage that is probably what it is.....that being said, with that condition there is no discharge, so we are back to viral conjunctivitis...
It is, most likely, not related to your EDsyndrome.
As far as the retina goes you should be checked for certain findings (lacquer cracks) that might put you at risk for bleeding in your retina (CNVM). This is something that most general ophthalmologists, and all retina specialists, can follow for you.
Expert:  Dr. Rick replied 5 years ago.
I didn't know that there was a expert timer on your side of the computer screen lol!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The discharge I'm having is like constancy tearing....
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Sorry .... The discharge I'm having is like constant tearing....
Expert:  Dr. Rick replied 5 years ago.
Ok...that may just be from some irritation. Try the cool compresses and the artificial tears. If it still seems to be bothering you, if your vision should affected or if the discharge gets "goopy" ( a medical term :), then have you eye doc take a look at you.