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Dr. Susan
Dr. Susan, Ophthalmologist
Category: Eye
Satisfied Customers: 218
Experience:  Board Certified & Fellowship trained eye surgeon.
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What does it mean if you have sudden sharp pains in your

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What does it mean if you have sudden sharp pains in your eye?
Dr. Susan : Are you available to chat?
Dr. Susan : How often has this occurred and is it in one eye only or both eyes?

It is happening in just one eye and started today.

Dr. Susan : How many times?

It is happening quite frequently.. bad enough that it makes me grab my hurts quite bad...quite sharp.

Dr. Susan : Do you have any other symptoms? Eye twitching, irritation?


Dr. Susan : Does it occur with a certain direction of gaze? For example looking up?

No, I can just be doing normal looking. I've been cleaning and then it happened. I was watching television and it happened. It doesn't seem to be a directional thing.

Dr. Susan : And is it just for an instance or does it linger?

It doesn't last but for a few seconds, but when in ones eye, it feels like a long time.


It makes me wonder what may be going on behind my know?

Dr. Susan : I would not worry too much! It is probably an irritated muscle or nerve. Similar to a muscle spasm. If it were behind the eye, it would be more of a pressure sensation not pain.
Dr. Susan : Try a few advils (600-800mg ) Tonight

How long could this go on and if it continues, should I go see my eye doctor?


I have cried today, could that have aggrivated my eye?

Dr. Susan : It should resolve in 24 hours if you take some Advil tonight and again tomorrow. If you don't improve by tomorrow night, see your ophthalmologist on tuesday.
Dr. Susan : Yes- you may have very dry eyes
Dr. Susan : Crying actually dries the eyes
Dr. Susan : Please use artificial tears 4-6 times per day as well.

Yes, I do have dry eyes, my eye doctor has told me that before and I have drops for that. I will go put some of those in now and maybe that will help. I'll take the Advil as well and hope for the best. Thank you for your help. Maybe I won't miss work now.

Dr. Susan : I am sure that will help!!! Sorry to hear you have been upset! Tomorrow hopefully you will feel better in every way!
Dr. Susan : Good luck!

Thank you so much.....tomorrow will be better....every day is a good day no matter what....thank you again for you help.

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