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Dr. Susan
Dr. Susan, Ophthalmologist
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Experience:  Board Certified & Fellowship trained eye surgeon.
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Hello, Ive been having some issues with my vision as can be

Resolved Question:

Hello, I've been having some issues with my vision as can be seen from other posts however I was just wondering if changeable perception of brightness is linked to anything in particular? For example a light looks very bright and then a couple of minutes later if I look at it it looks slightly darker in hue. I'm noticing this happen a lot even if I've been in the room for a while. Any suggestions?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Susan replied 5 years ago.

Dr. Susan : Are you available to chat?
Customer: Hi yes I'm here
Dr. Susan : Are you healthy? On any medications?
Customer: Ive had a few health problems recently but not on any medication
Dr. Susan : Any neurological issues? Drug use?
Customer: I've been advised to go see a neurologist for various issues. No don't take drugs
Dr. Susan : I am not sure what neurological issues you're having however there are a few that could be related to ocular issues. In a young Person whom is having neurological issues and change and color perception I would worry about optic neuritis. I'm sure your neurologist will do full ophthalmologic work up if he or she feels that you may have optic neuritis. Of course this is really not the top differential on my list. Without getting into your neurological history- I would recommend that you mention your change in color perception to your neurologist when you do have your appointment.
Dr. Susan : The most likely cause of your change in like perception is really a normal physiological change. When we initially look at a light things seem a lot brighter and then our retina adapts to the light.
Dr. Susan : The pupil and iris also change in size and allow less like to enter the eyes and Hues may be perceived a bit darker.
Dr. Susan : I have a strong feeling that this is what you are experiencing. You may be more sensitive to this change recently because of your other neurological issues.
Customer: Can optic nerve problems always be seen in an eye exam? Or is more a neurological problem? I'm hoping it's just in relation to my anxiety. I feel very scared about losing my vision.
Dr. Susan : It may very well be anxiety. Maybe migraines- there are a type called ace phallic migraines where you have changes in vision or the "aura" but the actual headaches never come.
Dr. Susan : Optic neuritis is diagnosed with an MRI and an ophthalmologist exam.
Dr. Susan : Sorry - this auto correct is horrible! I meant " acephalic migraine"
Dr. Susan : Have you have pain with eye movement? Decrease vision?
Customer: my vision doesn't seem decreased but if I close one eye or the other I feel I have slight blurring or gg
Customer: Ghosting sorry
Customer: only for a couple of minutes then it's get clear again
Dr. Susan : Please mention these to the neurologist. Any numbness, tingling of your extremities?
Customer: Only at a distance. I've also had alot of eye pain behind eye. It's there with and without movement. Ive also got sinusitis at the moment
Customer: I get numbness and pins and needles. I've also get tremours
Dr. Susan : Oh that is probably dry eye! Please don't worry- a little knowledge is a scary thing And both us are assuming without having the knowledge of a neurologist! I have a strong feeling this is anxiety related!
Dr. Susan : These symptoms may be related to sinus infection!
Customer: Ok thank you again. It's just so difficult with all these symptoms.
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