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Dr. A.S. Desai
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I'm 63 years,woman,living in Norway.I have had floaters for

Resolved Question:

I'm 63 years,woman,living in Norway.I have had floaters for several years,but the last 14 months they have encreased enourmesly.I have had 4 YAG-laser treatments in UK last autumn.After the treatments,my eyes are worse,more and bigger floaters every day.They are partly covering the lens on both eyes.This is so disturbing and reduces my life-quality.The eye-doctor says I can have up to 10 treatments.But I'm afraid of the results.When I asked him why I got more floaters,he just said he didn't know...Is it possible that the laser-treatment can provoce the production of floaters?Do you know pasients with the same experience as I have?What do you advise me to do further?I feel the situation is very hard to handle.Thank you for helping me!
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. A.S. Desai replied 5 years ago.

Welcome to Just Answer

From the given it looks like the most probable explanation for the floaters in your case is likely to be due to posterior vitreous detachment(PVD).

In this condition the thick gel at the back of the eye( called vitreous) gets detached from its surrounding retina . This results in retinal traction which results in the symptom of flashes of light and includes color distortion.Flashes of light may not be prominent in some individuals. Once the vitreous gets detached completely , it may form clumps or strands and cause symptom of floaters such as dark spots, cobweb or thread like strands in the visual field.

More often it is not a serious issue and does not require any specific treatment. A routine retina examination needs to be done by an ophthalmologist just to check for the intactness of the retina and to look for any peripheral retinal tears or holes, which if found, can be sealed by lasers.

Since you have had regular eye examinations by an ophthalmologist , it looks like the reina has been intact so far. The laser treatment you have taken are YAG laser for vitreolysis ( laser beam is aimed at vitreous strands and to break down the floater). But this procedure is less often practised as floaters are seldom very serious in nature and are more often left alone. Over a period of time one does gets accustomed to them. In severe cases of floaters which hinder with day to day activities, surgery is the treatment of choice- vitrectomy. Since the surgery itself can pose a risk for other complications( cataract, glaucoma, RD) one needs to discuss the benefits and risks associated with this procedure with the treating surgeon. But one thing can be said for sure is that floaters is one of the commonest eye symptom at this age and is more often due to PVD than not. So there are many many individuals with similar complaints as yours. I would suggest that you consult a retinal surgeon for the prospects of vitrectomy in your case.

Thank you and best wishes.

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