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Dr. Susan
Dr. Susan, Ophthalmologist
Category: Eye
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Experience:  Board Certified & Fellowship trained eye surgeon.
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I am having pressure behind my left eye. It is causing

Customer Question

I am having pressure behind my left eye. It is causing blurry vision. I am also experiencing pain that is moving down to my jaw.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Susan replied 5 years ago.
Dr. Susan : I can help you with your question
Dr. Susan : How old are you?

30 years old

Dr. Susan : Are you healthy? Have you had any other symptoms such as tenderness around the eyes? Headaches? Fever?
Dr. Susan : And for how long have you had your symptoms?

I am healthy, no illness or diseases. I have only had a couple of headaches in my life. No fever, I checked earlier around lunch time. I have had the pressure for 4 days now. The pain, into my next just this morning.

Dr. Susan : From the information that you have given me I am inclined to think your symptoms are related to your sinuses. However, a simple sinusitis should not change your vision unless it is very severe.
Dr. Susan : Another possibility is a tension type migraine. You are not a migraine sufferer but if you have been under more stress than usual, it could be the cuprit!

No stress.

Dr. Susan : The Change in vision is worrisome though- see your ophthalmologist to make sure it is not ocular in nature. Then I recommend seeing your primary care physician
Dr. Susan : Have you had perfect vision in the past? Any ocular conditions?

I have worn glasses since childhood.


No ocular conditions.

Dr. Susan : How blurry are you? Tearing? Discharge?

The blurriness, is as though my eye glasses are not on, even though they are, so very blurry. No tears, no discharge. The only relief I can give my eye is to close it.

Dr. Susan : How strong are your glasses? Are you very near sighted? Do you see anything floating around? A veil?

Medium -4.00 -0.50 15 and -7.00. No floaters, no veil. I feel pressure building up, then the pain, and the loss of vision.

Dr. Susan : I would really like for you too your ophthal

Yes, thank you. I was trying to make an appointment.

Dr. Susan : I would really like you to see your ophthalmologist. You are moderately near sighted in one eye and high in the other -7.00. For you to feel your vision is like not wearing glasses could be a serious problem like a retinal detachment. Painless loss of vision in young healthy near sighted woman makes me worried about a retinal detachment.
Dr. Susan : I hope that is not the case but the sooner you see your doc, the better!

Yes, thank you.

Dr. Susan : Good luck! Let me know if you need anything else!
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