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Is it possible to inject botox into the levator palpebrae

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hello, is it possible to inject botox into the levator palpebrae superioris? Thank=you :Lindsay
Dr. Rick :

Hi. I'm online and happy to answer your question today.

Dr. Rick :

As you can see from the attached diagram on the webpage below, it is very possible to inject botox in an area that can cause weakness or paralysis of this muscle:

Dr. Rick :

Dr. Rick :

This will cause the upper eyelid to be droopy (ptosis) until such time as the botox wears off.

Dr. Rick :

Does this make sense to you?

Dr. Rick :

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Dr. Rick :

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

hi I did not see the diagram-this issue is very important to me as I have severe constant spasms at the back of this muscle and cannot kep my eyes open due to the pain. Can botox be injected into any muscle of the eye and if botox was injected into the muscle I mentioned, would it paralyze the whole muscle or just part of it? (if this makes sense) Also, how would the proceedure be carried out?



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
ps i am online if you can do instant chat :)
Hi. I'm online now too.....
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

is it because I cannot log in? I have an account on here but I cannot log in? Can you answer my question? I would prefer instant chat. thankyou lindsay

To see the diagram click on this link or cut/paste it into your browser:
The diagram in on the right side of the page.
Botox would not be expected to cause the painful spasms you are talking about as it would only paralyze the muscle. This paralysis, and not pain, could keep you from opening your upper eyelid.
The botox interferes with the activity to the muscle. This interference can cause the muscle to weak or to be totally unable to move, depending upon the degree of blockage present.
Any muscle of the eye can be injected with botox. It is done with a very fine needle and a TB syringe. Sometimes, when a specific eye muscle is targeted an EMG (a machine that shows electrical activity of a muscle) is attached to the needle so that the doctor knows when the needle is in the correct spot (the belly of the muscle) prior to injection.
Does this answer your question? If so, please feel free to mash the "ACCEPT" button :)
Instant chat was disabled when you were not online now....but I can see your post just like you should be able to see mine.....
Also, botox would not help with the pain, it would only stop the muscle from working. Sure, there would be no spasms (if this is the cause of your pain) but, even if the pain was due to spasms of this muscle, and the pain went away when the muscle was paralyzed, you still would not be able to open your eyelid....but now it would be due to the botox itself.
Does this make sense?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

It kind of makes sense although I am abit confused.The pain is entirely due to the spasms as the nerves are over firing causing my muscle to contract and this causes terrible pain. If botox stops and prevents acetylcholine from firing, this surely would prevent the pain even if it stopped me from opening my eye? As this would paralyse the muscle stopping the tight and horrible contractions. Am I right? Is this what you mean?


P.S I have a degree in Human Biology so I know a little but but not much lol

That is absolutely will stop the spasms so any pain from spasms would be gone.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
thank-you, also please could you answer my question prior to that? Thank-you :)
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
sorry, the question being : Would I be awake under the proceedure? And if this treatment was to occur over a long period of time, could it cause permanent damage? Finally, is this a common proceedure? Thank-you Lindsay
Which question do you have that I did not address? If you could repeat it here that would be helpful
The other good news? Even if you do mash the accept button, I don't go up in a puff of smoke and would remain available until you are satisfied :o)
Oh....there is the question(s) lol!
1. Yes. You would be awake. It is not painful
2. No. In the vast majority of cases no permanent damage is done...although it is always a small risk...
3. Yes, while it is not an everyday procedure, it is common.
You are welcome....
Dr. Rick and other Eye Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

thank-you-I could talk all night as I have a very unusual condition lol! Being in the UK it is hard to get the right treatment. I will let you go and thankyou for you help x

It is my pleasure to help you. If you have a chance, drop me a note and let me know how things turn out.
Have a great Holiday Season.