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Dr. Dan B.
Dr. Dan B., Board Certified Ophthalmologist
Category: Eye
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The top left side of my left eye hurts to touch and feels

Resolved Question:

the top left side of my left eye hurts to touch and feels bruised, and eye is very itchy in the left corner of the eye lid. I had an eye test done a month or so ago due to other symptoms that I doupt had any relation to this, and I passed the test with flying colors, 20/10 vision. so what would cause the new symptoms?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Dan B. replied 5 years ago.
Doctor DanB : Hello and thanks for your question. Are you available to chat?
Doctor DanB : Does your eye itch so bad, sometimes, that you want to claw your eyes out?

not yet, but the eye felt bruised yesterday and the itching just kinda started tonight

Doctor DanB : This problem with the eyelid skin is called allergic dermatitis and the itching of the eye itself called allergic conjunctivitis. The allergies cause inflammation in the eyeball and also in the eyelid; it is this inflammation that causes the sore sensation.
Doctor DanB : there are some steps you can take to begin to rid yourself of its symptoms. First of all, it is important to control the body's overall response to allergens and this would include taking an oral antihistamine such as claritin or zyrtec which you can buy over-the-counter. Secondly, an allergy eye drop is esssential to start; a couple of over-the-counter brand names include Alaway or Zaditor and they both work fairly well.  If you try these and it helps but is not quite enough, then you may do better with a prescription allergy drop called Pataday which works very well.  I would suggest getting some 1% hydrocortisone ointment (also OTC) and rubbing that on the affected skin areas (not in the eyes) twice daily. Lastly, cold compresses done several times/day can and will help the itching sensation and suppress the inflammation. Doing all of these things as directed, it may take a week or two before you notice a significant improvement in the appearance but the itching should start to respond to this quickly. 

ok, but I have never had any allergies


but will try what you recomend

Doctor DanB : Have you had any recent cold or stomach flu, or been around someone with either of these or avred eye?

no................thats why I find it so wierd

Doctor DanB : I'd the eye red at all?
Doctor DanB : Is the eye red at all?

doesnt look red to me

Doctor DanB : Something else that can cause this mild itching and the soreness to the eye is a viral conjunctivitis, or what many people call 'pink eye'. It can often cause mild itching and soreness, especially in it's earliest stage. But this is just treated supportively with cool compresses and artificial tears anyway, until the virus runs it's course. Whatever's going on, it does seem early enough that it's not really declaring itself right one very well
Doctor DanB : I would recommend using artificial tears 4-5x/day and cool compresses as much as you like and if you continue to develop more significant itching then this is likely related to allergies. Frequently someone's very first symptom of allergies can be eye itching and problems. But if this goes into the other ye...
Doctor DanB : If this goes into the other eye and there starts to be mild redness in addition to the mild itching then it's a good bet this is viral in nature. Does that make sense?
Doctor DanB : Do you have any other questions about this that we haven't addressed?

yes it makes sence


how long does pink eye last if thats what this is?

Doctor DanB : This can take up to 1-2 weeks for the eyes to look and feel normal again.

oh, ok.........well I will do your suggestion and see if it works

Doctor DanB : Do you have any other questions or concerns about this?

no, not right now

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