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Dear Sir or Madam I am having some type of double/blurred/losing

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Dear Sir or Madam: I am having some type of double/blurred/losing focus eye problems for the last 4 days. This problem seems to manifest itself most significantly when I am driving or have motion of some sort (walking, moving eyes from side to side, etc..), but it also occurs when I am just sitting doing nothing. When driving my vision will just suddenly go out of focus and I have to close one eye to regain an accurate view of my surroundings. It is very frightening and I have quit driving for fear of crashing. I have noticed that if I just use one eye and keep either of my eyes shut then I do not have this problem. Obviously this is not a long term solution to the problem. If I try to focus on an object I find myself having to turn my head in odd angles and blink my eyes repeatedly to focus on an object. This started on Wednesday and it is now Sunday. I cant really think of anything out of the ordinary that I have done. I have not bumped my head or anything that I remember. On Wednesday morning my roommate, who has poor hearing, had the television volume at literally max volume and that woke me up and was really hurting my ears. I am unsure of that could be the cause or not. Being the holiday weekend I will be unable to see a specialist until a few days from now. I am just trying to get any idea of what may be going on with my vision?

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Sorry for your eye problem and inconvenience. It is possible that you are experiencing the effect of double vision and/or blurred vision caused by the imbalance of eye focusing from the high pitched sound irritation of the inner ear cells leading to intermittent nystagmus (out of focusing of the eye muscles or misaligment). Such imbalance can also occur from new onset sudden stress. If there is irritation of the inner ear cells that caused nystagmus and/or double vision in this case, it would generally resolve over 1-2 weeks on it's own. In addition, it is possible that you may also be experiencing sudden change in eye muscles imbalance from natural decompensation (accommodation or convergence insufficiency) requiring new corrective glasses or eye muscle optotic exercises. Increased life stress can particularly cause eye muscle balance or decompensation with associated poor focusing. In either cases, a follow-up with the eye doctor is necessary for detail eye evaluation to determine the best corrective measure. In the measure avoid driving, using preservative free tear drop such as Genteal tear drop or Refresh plus in each eye 4 times daily and rest more until you see your eye doctor.

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