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Dr. Dan B.
Dr. Dan B., Board Certified Ophthalmologist
Category: Eye
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Experience:  Eye surgeon experienced in cataracts, glaucoma, retina & neuro-ophthalmology
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My eyes have been red for three weeks. I had seen an eye

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My eyes have been red for three weeks. I had seen an eye specialist and had everything checked. Everything was normal. They got a little better after using warm towel and massaging up and down near the eye lids like treating blepharitis. Then it came back again. They are not painful, maybe a little itchy. Please help me.
Doctor DanB :

Hello and thanks for your question. Are you available to chat?

Customer: Sorry I can't chat. I am using an iPad which we can only write to each other, but cannot chat. Also, i am at work at the moment. If I need to go, can I get you back?
Doctor DanB :

Yes, in fact, I'm going to switch this encounter from a chat format to a Q&A format where my responses to your responses will be heralded by an email that you'll receive, telling you there's a response from me. You can just click that link to respond in kind. Do you need to get back to me in a little while or are you okay to continue?

Customer: It is a great idea that you will give me an answer via email. Thanks. At the moment, I still can continue.
Doctor DanB :

Do your eyes itch significantly?

Customer: No
Doctor DanB :

I think that your eyes are dry.

Doctor DanB :

Blepharitis is one of the most common reasons for dry eye, but any one person can have numerous reasons for dry eye.

Doctor DanB :

There often is an inciting circumstance that sets the eyes off in someone who has dry eye. The tendency has always been there, but the eyes often times don't "declare" themselves until after some inciting event. Many times it is the stark change in environment that you have had with your travels.

Customer: I have been using Refresh 4 times a day. Sorry I forgot to tell you this. But it doesn't help.
Doctor DanB :

I think one of the things to understand about blepharitis treatment is that it can take 2-3 weeks of doing the treatment consistently before a significant effect is noted. Even then, however, if the warm compresses and baby shampoo scrubs are not continued on a consistent, daily basis, and the treatment is stopped, then the effect is lost and it needs to be restarted again.

Doctor DanB :

Just doing the artificial tears, hot compresses and eyelid scrubs alone would likely start to help you after three or 4 weeks--but remember it could take this long of doing it everyday before you see a significant effect, so don't stop it thinking it's not working.

If you are a person that doesn't make their own tears very well, then you may also benefit from a prescription drop called Restasis, which actually modulates a person's immune system to help them make more of their own tears. This drop actually requires constant usage on a daily basis for up to 10-12 weeks before its effect kicks in (takes awhile to change the immune response in the body).

Because there are numerous reasons for dry eye, if not all the reasons that exist in one patient are treated, it can seem as though the ones that are being treated are providing no benefit. If you've tried these recommendations and still don't feel better then you should consider seeing a corneal specialist for a dry eye evaluation.

Customer: I will do what you've advised. Can I get back to you within the next month as I understand the consultation is free for a month from now on. Please send me an email so that I can get back to you when I need it. Do you charge me now or in a months time. I only want to see whether my red eyes will be cured in the coming month. Many thanks!
Doctor DanB :

I would most certainly like to continue in a month to see how you're doing. If you would hit the ACCEPT button now, we can continue this conversation indefinitely without further charges. You're welcome and I hope you do well.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
My eyes are just as red the last time I talked to the doctor. The drops for red eyes does not work at all. I have been doing exactly what was instructed the whole time. Please reply via email. Thanks a lot! Email address [email protected]

Julie, I think there could be a couple of possibilities right now. It may be that you need an antibiotic/steroid combination in addition to the blepharitis treatment we talked about. This is quite a common need and would have to come from your eye doctor by way of prescription.

Of course, it may be that this is something other than blepharitis such as an allergic conjunctivitis or inflammation or infection in the cornea which also may need a prescription drop.

Because I can't examine you, it becomes much more difficult at this point to sort out what this may be just based on history. For this reason, I would recommend going to see a corneal specialist to determine exactly what the source of inflammation is.

Does this make sense?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Dr DanB, I had seen an eye specialist before I talked to you the first time. Dr said it's border line inflammation. He was surprised why both eyes were red. He thinks everything seemed normal to him. FML did not work. Thanks!

Was this eye specialist a corneal specialist? What kind of specialist was he? If it was an ophthalmologist, an M.D. and not just an optometrist, that is good, but I really think you need a sub-specialist ophthalmologist called a corneal specialist.

It's not surprising to see something like FML not work to treat significant inflammation as it is a very low potency steroid.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
He is a Opthalmologist. He had my eyes dilated. Checked the back of my eyes as well as my eye pressures and everything else. Thanks!

Okay, while it is good you saw an ophthalmologist now that you're having more difficulty getting this thing under control, I think it is time that you are seen by a sub-specialist ophthalmologist that specializes in the diseases of the cornea and conjunctiva, which you are definitely suffering from.

In the absence of being able to get into see one of these, I would at the very least recommend a second opinion for an exam as often times it just takes looking at things from a different point of view to be able to figure things out.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Many thanks! Dr DanB
My pleasure! Good luck.