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Dr. Dan B.
Dr. Dan B., Board Certified Ophthalmologist
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What causes the vision in one eye to seem darker than the

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what causes the vision in one eye to seem darker than the other?
Doctor DanB : Hello and thanks for your question. How long has your son noted this?

I just found out about it but he said he noticed it when he started the new school, because they use white boards and it's really obvious when looking at the white board. that was in january. he has high functioning autism...doesn't volunteer info


this is my older son, you were very helpful just now when I asked about my younger boy...thought I'd ask about this since you were online

Doctor DanB : About the only two things that cause the vision in the eyes to be asymmetrically darker are cataracts and optic nerve dysfunction. Both of these entities, though should be evident on history and exam by his ophthalmologist.

he hasn't seen an opthalmologist since he was 9, he was seen every year for a few years because he was diagnosed with nf1, then it was decided that he didn't have nf1.... his fathers family has what some call an nf variant. neither nf1 or nf2.


mainly multiple meningiomas. his dad and grandma and 5 great aunts/uncles


those are the only things that can cause this?

Doctor DanB : Pretty much those are the only things that can cause this disparity in light sensation. Has he had any head imaging (CT or MRI) to see whether he has any optic nerve meningiomas?

his only mri was when he was 7. it was normal then. we had an appt today because he's been having a different kind of headache lately. the ped looked in his eyes but didn't see anything wrong...

Doctor DanB : That may be something to consider when dealing with this symptom in the near future.

said it was a tension headache but couldn't explain the vision thing


so I should probably try to get another ophthalmology appt for him then? it's kind of tough to get those with the insurance...but I can find a way.


can the pediatrician see those problems with his little light scope (I don't know what it's called)

Doctor DanB : I do think an ophthalmology appt is the best decision because unfortunately the pediatrician will nit be able to definitively assess for those problems.

I'll get working on that then. for now, I've had a long day and need to shelf things for the evening for my sanity. Thank you again for your help and knowledge...

Doctor DanB : My pleasure. Rest up. Good night. :)
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