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Ok, I am asking you folks for an answer to my problem so I

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Ok, I am asking you folks for an answer to my problem so I can compare it to what I am being told by my doctor (s). I am 50 yrs old.
My left eye has had the cataract replaced and now has a bucket around it -- with new vitrious fluid.
My right eye is ready for a cataract -- vision is deteriorating in that eye.
Full medical workup with blood tests for cancer, diabetes, etc, etc... very healthy, no blood sugar issues, no history of diabetes in family. Retinal issues abound on my mothers side.
6 months ago I developed double vision out of both eyes independently. Tested and retested with no success in correction. 3 months go by and suddenly my eyes get better... within a week the double vision vanished. I went in for a comprehensive eye exam ($180) by an ophthalmologist and was fitted with glasses that gave me 20/20.... and very clear vision. Since that appt. my distance vision has been slowly deteriorating in the right eye, the one that needs a cataract replacement. The left eye (with the buckle) is giving me occasional focus problems, but with straining I can get a clear view for a little while, then it gets a little out of focus again.
I work at a computer terminal all day. My close up vision isn't too bad. I don't use glasses for up close (any more) on the computer - but anything past 15" and the glasses that were for distance only are now perfect for 15" up to 12' away. The distance glasses I am using (which gave me perfect vision 3 months ago) are now so uncomfortable to wear -- I don't have any functional distance vision at this point.
Q: Can my eyes get so used to focusing on the computer that it would affect my vision at a distance -- making my current distance prescription no good?
Q: Is the change in my vision due more to the right eye (that needs a cataract surgery) getting worse and my left eye working too hard to compensate for it... therefore my eye gets tired and can't focus at a distance?
I go in for my appt with the retinal surgeon next week and I want to have some optional ideas as to why my vision has deteriorated so fast.

Hello Matt

my guess is that the cataract in the right eye, as it is progressing over time, is causing the eye to become more myopic, that is near sighted. That would explain the better near vision without correction and also the reason why the distance glasses from before are now better for near as they partially correct the near vision. That should also mean that if you use a pair of your old reading glasses, they wont clarify up close as good as before but the top portion will be better. And of course, eye fatigue in the left eye is definitely a factor as well. Best Regards ***** *****

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for answering... went for my retina post surgery checkup and doc has scheduled me for cataract surgery in the right eye. (so glad, finally getting the right eye done so no more "yellow" out of that eye and should have consistent prescription. Thanks