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I have a badly damaged eye for the past 15 years, completely

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I have a badly damaged eye for the past 15 years, completely blind. In the last 18 months my eye is blood shot red 24 hours a day. I have gone with 3 seperate ophomologist, and they have prescribed everything, from alphagan durezol lotemax ak-dialate. Some of the medications do work but not very well. Even the drops that work only work for a couple of hours then my eye is blood shot again. 2 of the ophomologist advise against inoculation because my eye does not have any pain. But i have become so frustraded that i am thinking about the eye removal procedure. Can you give me a brief description of the surgery and how long the recovery is.
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The procedure for removal of eye is called enucleation.
In this the eyeball is removed preserving the extraocular muscles (muscles responsible for movement of eyeball). When the eyeball is removed, an orbital implant is placed to maintain volume to the eye socket and facilitate placement of the prosthesis after healing is complete. Once the post operative swelling subsides and the healing is complete, an ocular prosthesis can be placed to provide the appearance of a natural eye. This is an artificial eye and is matched with the other eye. This prosthesis would need to be removed by the patient daily at night to keep it clean. This is very simple procedure.
The surgery is done under general anesthesia and takes 20 minutes. The complete recovery usually takes 2-3 months.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
How long would i be away from work. can i have as much information from beginning to end how the procedure works. Also is there any surgery that can make my eye look close to normal besides the eye removal.
Since I am not able to examine you first hand I would not be able to tell whether other procedures would help or not. But since you have a blind eye and various medical treatments are not helping, it does not seem like there is any other alternative. In fact your case also does not qualify fully for enucleation. Usually painful blind eyes are taken up for enucleation. Since you do not have any pain, you might need to convince your doctor to undergo the procedure.
For the details of the procedure click below
depending on work profile and the post operative inflammation, you would need around 10-15 days off.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The 2 doctors have told me that if i want the surgery they will approve it. I would like to know what maintance i would need. I would like to know from beginning to end what happens after the surgery, i had read everything on the link you gave me above. I just want more information. i want to know what maintance i would need to do until the prosthetic is permanent.
let me tell you in detail.
After enucleation ad and putting a implant, your eye will be bandaged and that would be removed after 24 hours. You would need to put eye drops and eye ointments and take other oral medicines as advised by your surgeon. on follow up check ups once your would gets healed, the prosthesis would be inserted. You will be taught how to insert it ad remove it. This is not very difficult. For proper maintenance you will be taught how to keep the prosthesis clean and if required to use some eye drops for a few more weeks.
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