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Hi, My 2.5 years old son had hypoxia during birth and now

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My 2.5 years old son had hypoxia during birth and now he has moderately severe hearing loss in both ears and ONH. The first hearing test (ABR) he did gave a result of 60 DBL loss in one ear and 70 in the other... a year later it showed 70 in one ear and 80 in the other, the audiologist says that this is an error margin and we should not worry but guess what... we are very worried

And now I am doubting that his vision is getting worse, around 6 months back, if i play guitar next to him he would look at the guitar but now he would just look nowhere (doesnt even seem like he is looking for the guitar) so I need to know if it is possible that my sons vision could deteriorate? Our neurologist and other doctors said no since he has CP but it is my worst fear that my son will end up not seeing and hearing

Hello and thanks for your question. By ONH do you mean optic nerve hypoplasia

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I'm sorry about your son's unfortunate condition. As a parent, I can only imagine what angst you must be going through. The damage to your son's optic nerve (hypoplasia) is an in utero event, meaning that the insult to the optic nerves happened once, while in your uterus, and is not an ongoing scenario. Because of that, I would not expect his vision to worsen from this. It may be that his combination of aging and hearing loss has turned his attentions elsewhere to the point that he is not as interested in the guitar playing as he once may have. In addition, while I would not expect it to make much of a difference, there is a chance that he has developed a refractive error (need for glasses), that may help the vision, if needed, in the event that the baseline vision potential is not overly poor. But I do not expect this to be a progressive vision loss from optic nerve hypoplasia.


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you for your reply doctor... I am the father by the way :) so my son was never in my uterus :) While no one was able to estimate how much my son can see, I can say that his nystagmus has decreased a lot and his eye alignment is perfect as well as how his eye disc (i think that is what you call it) dialates with light (that too is good) and he is now seizure free without medication and he is getting stronger (he is hypotonic) so I always wondered how can his general condition be getting better but his vision getting worse!!

I was wondering if you can also answer me, if my sons nystagmus is getting less and his eye disc dialates properly with the light and his eye alignment is perfect, does this mean that his eye sight is not that bad? can we estimate based on this info that he can recognize faces from near or whether or not his eye sight is not that bad or this information does not really relate to vision?
thank you

Oops! Sorry about that gaffe! Those are all good signs that you have mentioned. I think, though, that what you may be noticing is the disparity between his vision and the rest of his development. While that disparity was small when he was a baby because he was able to do very little then, now that he is growing and his physical development is increasing relative to his eyesight, it may seem as though his eyesight is backtracking, when it just may be that it is not keeping up with his physical development. Does that make sense?


I think the fact that his alignment is straight and that he has appropriately reacting pupils and also that his nystagmus is improving, these are all good prognostic signs that maybe his vision is improving. Unfortunately, these aren't reliable indicators as to the level of his vision. You are correct, though, in that these are usually good signs that point to hopefully improved visual function in the future. Sorry I can't give you any more specific information than that; it would just be supposition and I don't like to spout out supposition without any facts to support it.


Does that help?