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Dr. PG
Dr. PG, Ophthalmologist
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Not urgent, I would wait for an answer from Ophthalmologist

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Not urgent, I would wait for an answer from Ophthalmologist Dr.James/ for days.
I am a 77 Year old male, having had a mild stroke on my left that left mainly
a buzz in my left arm and hand that tends to cramp if I am not taking the small
amount of Cyclobenzaprin. Otherwise I am on prophylactic medications to prevent
an other stroke. I am also taking Finasteride and Flowmax to control unwanted urges
to urinate. Otherwise I am in decent health and have no sugar or elevated blood
I understand your previous words that I have to get a Pupil Dilation type of exam
to test the lens in my eye(s).
It is the right eye where the optometrist is suspecting the cataracts. She is a young
graduate working part time with Costco Wholesale box store's optical department.
1., I would like to have an expert opinion. Should I search out and
get referred to a Ophthalmologist.
2., Is there any reason to make a cataract ripen as it was customary years ago.
3., I repair small antique watches and it is suddenly harder for me to focus with my
loupe, hence I want to get it over soon if I can.
4., Just about the time the symptoms of cloudy vision appeared, I started to have
muscle cramps from the Statin drug I was taking and changed over to 1Gr./day
Niaspan (Niacin). Could the Niaspan create the cataracts?
I will have some questions another time as to the type of lens to look for.
Gerald Hunter, Calgary, Canada
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Dr. PG :

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Dr. PG :

are you present online?

Indeed the best person for a complete evaluation would be an Ophthalmologist. After dilating the pupil, the ophthalmologist would be able to see the type of cataract, density of cataract,the status of the retina etc. Also, cataract is a normal aging phenomenon. With age like other changes in our body, like graying of hair, joint problems etc, cataract also develops with age. The age of cataract may vary slightly from person to person. Nowadays, we do not wait for the cataract to mature. Niacin is in fact protective for development of cataract. The surgery done is a stitch less surgery through Phacoemulsification. So, for that the cataract is not ripened.
I would advise you consult an Ophthalmologist for a detailed evaluation to see whether you need surgery at present or not.
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