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I had stint put in because of a blocked tear duct in

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I had stint put in because of a blocked tear duct in October. After the day surgery,there was a thin plastic thin line or tube in the corner of my eye. Also what felt like a small rubber band fastened to the inside of my nostril,I could feel with my finger and could feel something flapping back and forth when I breathed in and out. Problem is that I had it done in Toronto,Canada,and right now I'm in Panama. And to make it worse,I think the rubber band in my nostril broke,and the once 1/4 inch of plastic line I once had in the corner of my eye,is now a 1 inch loop of line hanging out of my eye lid. Hospitals the way they are here,I'm quite isolated,what do I do? Can I cut the loop short and let it fall to the back of my nose? Will try and find some help tomorrow. Any suggestions? Thank you Rod

Hello and thanks for your question.

If this is something that does not go back down, then you have two options:

1. Wait until you can see an eye doctor OR

2. You can try to cut it and pull it out. To do this you would need to rotate the tube until you find the knot, snip the tube with scissors right at the knot and then make sure you have a handle on both ends to pull out. (it is just a loop of silicone that's threaded through your tear duct that goes down into your nose and back out the other eyelid).

If you think you can get to see an eye doctor tomorrow then I would wait, or wait as long as you can, but if this is absolutely driving you nuts and hurting your eye then I would proceed with option #2.

Does this information help address your concerns? Does this make sense? Do you have any other concerns that I haven't addressed?

I am happy to be able to help you today. I will also be happy to answer any other questions until you have the information you need.

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Any positive feedback and/or bonus you may feel prompted to provide would be welcomed and is appreciated. Thanks for your inquiry!

My opinion is solely informative and does not constitute a formal medical opinion or recommendation. For a formal medical opinion and/or recommendation you must see an eye doctor.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Me again,just to clarify,your saying that it is one continuous loop of silicone thread,running through the top tear drain,to the back of my nose and back out again through the bottom tear drain,right so far? And
this loop run down the back of the nose and was fastened with a knot to the side of my nostril. I know ,something was fastened there,cause it is the first time in 3 months that I can breathe clearly and don't feel anything when pick my nose. Sorry for my wording. Just want to have as much information,don't know what kind of doctor I'm going to get. One more thing,if it's a loop and I have it rotated around till we see the knot,and cut it there,holding on to both ends,how are we going to pull it out when it goes through both drain holes,you have to let one end go
don't you? Rod
you're understanding everything correctly. My instructions to hold both ends were meant to indicate that you just don't want the knot going back into the tear duct or nose. You're correct in that you only pull on one end.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Its 6:00 in the morning,will be going to the clinic at 8:00. Three last things:1 why have you not mentioned anything about it being one time fastened to my nostril and 2 will there be any problem dragging that knot through the hole at the back of nose and the drain hole at the corner of my eye and 3,do we pull the knot through the top or bottom hole? Is there a difference? Will be taking my laptop to the clinic.
thanks for your assistance,Rod

I didn't specifically mention a nostril just because the way you had been describing things had been correct and I assumed that was understood. You are correct, it is going through the nose, but there shouldn't be any problem pulling that knot through the nose as it is fairly small. And it also doesn't matter what hole (top or bottom) of the eyelid you pull the knot through.

Does that make things more clear? Do you have any other questions I can answer?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Went to the clinic but was told to go a bigger hospital. When I got back to my room,I managed to push the loop back into the holes in my eyelids,
using my finger and by breathing in hard. The end that was attached to the side of my nostril is now dangling where I can grab it. Can"t I just cut it between the eyelids and pull it out through my nose,that way I don't have to rotate the knot through the small openings. there's no discomfort now so I'll hit the next hospital on my travels. Still like to know the best way to get rid of it. Thanks for your patience. Rod

Yes, you can do that, but I would be sure to have the knot exposed where you can grab it, either between the eyelids or where you're grabbing it through the nostril. Otherwise, when you cut it, it may be difficult to get the knot out from where it is. Does that make sense?

Of course, if there's no discomfort and can tolerate it in your nostril the way it is, it is better to leave it alone.

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