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I have an employee that scratched his cornea 3 weeks ago and

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I have an employee that scratched his cornea 3 weeks ago and just made it to a ophthalmologist today. The reason we know it is a scratched cornea is from his ER trip 2 weeks ago where they gave him eye drops for it. The ophthalmologist today told him he had blood vessels growing over his pupil and his eye won't dilate. Everything I have read these symptoms come from an eye disease and not an injury so I am wondering if this isn't a coincidence that it came on right after his injury. Or is it possible that the injury left untreated could have caused this?
Hi. I can help you tonight. The chat system is down, so we can "chat", albeit slowly, using this system.
I would assume his corneal abrasion is long healed. You are saying that the eye doctor told him he had blood vessels growing on his iris (the colored part of the eye, located inside the eye, with the hole (pupil) in the middle)? Does this employee have any medical problems?

Are you sure he was seen by an ophthalmologist? Upon noticing this iris neovascularization, what did the eye doctor do/say?
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Did you get my last respose? I'm not sure how this works
I got your initial statement and then your question asking if I got your response.....

Type your information/question. Type as much as you want then hit enter.....I see another message has posted from you....I'll go read it now. We will each be behind a little in "chatting" with each other...
To answer your question directly: No. A corneal abrasion has nothing to do with iris neovascularization (NVI). His on-the-job injury in no way affected his NVI.

NVI, however, is a very serious ocular condition that requires prompt diagnosis as to its cause and aggressive treatment. It can quickly lead to neovascular glaucoma with permanent angle closure -- a blinding disease that can be very difficult to treat.

If an optometrist diagnosed this and didn't act too concerned it would only mean that he doesn't know what he is talking about. If your employee has this diagnosis he needs immediate, aggressive treatment by an ophthalmologist.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I am not sure of his medical history. I do know he has problems with his other eye. What problems I'm not sure.
The eye doctor today told him of his blood vessels growing into the cornea or pupil, gave him some ey drops and told him if it wasnt better by Monday he would probably need surgery. I am just wondering if this could actually be from a eye injury (cornea scratch) or is he just trying to milk workmans comp?
Like I said before the only thing I have found that could cause blood vessels to grow would be eye desease not injuries
Was this doctor an ophthalmologist (MD) or an optometrist (OD)?

Sounds strange to be given drops to use until Monday, and if these drops haven't solved the problem surgery is the next step......This for sure would not be true for NVI, nor for corneal blood vessels.

A simple corneal abrasion two weeks ago, treated with drops from the ER Doc would not be expected to lead to corneal blood vessel ingrowth. Something here just isn't making sense.

Also, why would a healed corneal abrasion qualify the employee for workman's comp? The scratch heals in 24 hours or so, and back to work you go.....

Does this make sense to you?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
No I think it sounds fishy thats why I am asking you :) The doctor is a MD. Ofcourse he won't be able to share too much info with me due to laws, but the only information I am getting is from the family members of my employee. I guess his eye injury also messed with his ability to use a phone. The employee claims that the scratched cornea never got any better and now his eye waters and has light sensitivity with pain. I'm just not sure and I feel I am being taken advantage of. I don't want my insurance to pay for his surgery if it is not cause by him poking himself in the eye with a piece of plastic at work. Thank you so much for talking with me. I'm really stressed about this. I have never had anyone injure themselves on the job and we work with glass usually. Ironic huh?
From what you have told me something is going on here that makes no sense at all.

There is NO WAY a corneal abrasion has, or is, in any way contributing to what this employee, I mean his family (since his ability to use the phone was destroyed too), is telling you.

If his eye was so painful from the "never healing" corneal abrasion, why was he so comfortable waiting 3 weeks for ophthalmology care? Very strange.

I would not pay for any surgery or further treatment until you have a second opinion and all data concerning what you are being asked to pay for is shared with you. It might be wise to consult a lawyer as it seems like you are being taken for a ride.....

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