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Dr. Dan B.
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I have noticed that my eyes are slightly red toward the back.

Resolved Question:

I have noticed that my eyes are slightly red toward the back. If I lift my eye lid and move my eye around while looking in the mirror is when I notice the redness. I can't see the red unless I move my eye lids. Occassionlly my eyes do itch, but its not enough that I need to rub them. I have an eye wash that I use. I also have Clear Eyes Allergy eye drops that I can use. I also have the Meijer store brand Redness drops. I have used both. I typically wear contact lenses, but I have been wearing my glasses more. Is this normal? My vision is fine. My eyes don't hurt at all, just slightly red. I have thought that since I'm usually pulling loose eyelashes that maybe some got in my eyes and irritated them and that hasn't cleared up yet. Any suggestions. Thank you.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Dan B. replied 6 years ago.

Hello and thanks for your question. Some of the most common reasons for this chronic type of red eye include dry eyes, allergies and contact lens overuse. It sounds as though there is some component of an allergic cause, given the itching. Dry eye is very common and actually is more common and often more severe in those who wear contact lenses.


If you wear your contact lenses regularly for 10-12 hrs/day, and/or if you sleep in them, or use your eyes a lot, then a contact lens overuse may be an issue. I would make sure that you only use a pair of contact lenses for as long as they are supposed to be used (ie don't stretch the life of a pair of contacts). In addition, be sure to take them out every night, rinse and rub with a multi-purpose solution and place them in a fresh well of the same solution each night, followed by a rinse before using in the morning.


Another thing I would suggest is to eliminate any use of products such as Clear Eyes or other drops that say get-the-red-out or redness-reliever because after a while the chemical in them that gets the red out can cause irritation over time and actually make the eyes more red despite its use. Use, instead, an artificial tear without this chemical. I would give your eyes a break from the contact lenses for at least a week, using artificial tears 4x/day in both eyes during that time. If your eyes have cleared up by then, start back slowly with the contact lenses, using a new pair.


This advice, though, is all dependent on the vision not having changed or there not being significant pain or discharge from the eyes. If any of these are the case, you should see your eye doctor.


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