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Dr. A.S. Desai
Dr. A.S. Desai, Ophthalmologist
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What is standard treatment for staph eye infections?

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what is standard treatment for staph eye infections?
Dr. A.S. Desai :

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Dr. A.S. Desai :

what is the nature of the eye infection? What structure in the eye has been infected by staph.aureus ? what anti-bacterial eye drops has been tried already?



Dr. A.S. Desai :

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Dr. Desai, I have Graves disease and have had numerous surgeries related to eyelid repair. This last year I have had many corneal ulcers, and have now had any eye infection treated with numerous drops the most recent treatment included a culture with revealed a staph infection (staph aureleus) in my eye. I'm getting the medications to input to you now, it has not cleared and continues to ooze


the medications are drops; trimethoprim-sulfate/polymy sol and also an ointment erthromycin.


Dr. Desai, are you there?

Hello again,

What is the nature of the eye infection? What structure in the eye has been infected by staph.aureus ? What anti-bacterial eye drops has been tried already?
It would have helped to know the nature of eye infection as the route of administration of the medicine would depend on the eye structure involved. Generally speaking staph.aureus bacteria can result in conjunctivitis / keratitis ( corneal infection), uveitis ( involving the iris)/ endophthalmitis ( infecting the entire uveal tissue along with the vitreous) / infection of the soft tissues of the orbit as in orbital cellulitis/ infection of the glands in the lids as in hordeolum. Assuming that you are referring to the treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis I would say new generation quinolone eye drops like preservative free Moxifloxacin ( Vigamox) are very effective and can be given in the dose of 1 drop hourly on the first day( called bunching method wherein a high concentration of the medicine is achieved), followed by 1 drop 4 times a day for the next 6 days. Avoid warm compresses as it might actually help culture the bacteria giving it an nice warm environment.

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Thank you and best wishes.

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I think our chat system has gone for a toss today !! I just saw your replies as I sent my answer to you( must have come when I was busy typing my answer).

I have read the additional information you have sent and thank you for the same.

It is sad that you have to go through the corneal problems apart from Grave's disease. In Grave's disease the cornea is prone for exposure keratitis which can get infected as in your case. Nevertheless start of Vigamox eye drops should help( being more broad spectrum eye drop). At the same time lubricating eye drops should be continued like preservative free Refresh tears for relief from any exposure keratitis.

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