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I have a reaccuring swelling behind my left eye. My vision

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i have a reaccuring swelling behind my left eye. My vision blurred spotty in that eye i have had perfect vision I am 39. My other eye is fine.
I have ben tested for ms and all sorts of things. I have had injections of lucintus and steroids into the eye. These give a small releif for a wekk or two and its back. The scan shows the peak very high.

Welcome to Just Answer:

It appears that you are experiencing retinal vessel fluid leakage in the macular or perimacular area of the left eye. Considering your age, it is unlikely to be age-related macular degeneration. Rather, other retinal degeneration with vessel leakage is likely causing this problem. The fact that it is only in one eye suggest that it is unlikely related to a systemic condition. Chorioretinitis (inflammation involving the retina and choroid) can cause this condition, and conditions that can cause such chorioretinits include infectious process - toxoplasmosis, histoplasmosis or toxocara. Other retinal infectious process to be considered include neuroretinis. If you have a history of trauma or injury to the left eye, this can cause this problem.In general, the treatment includes Lucentis intravitral injections, photodynamic therapy, and steroid injections, in addition to close monitor with FA and macular OCT. In addition, I suggest that use over the counter eye multivitamins (such as I-caps or PreserVision multivitamins) shown to reduce the rate of progression of vision loss in age-related macular degeneration caused by moderate to large drusens. While there is likely a difference in the underlying cause of your condition and age-related macular degeneration, there is likely a common involvement of VEGF substance causing the leakage and swelling - and consequently the blurred vision. The aim of the Lucentis and steroid injections is to reduce the VEGF production. The multivitamins likely help reduce the oxygen free radical burden in the body which indirectly promotes the production of VEGF. II would also suggest a consideration of longer term small dose of prednisone if there is chorioretinitis or retinochoroditis with any evidence of active infection.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Will i lose my sight and will it eventually spread to the other eye.

Thank you so much:

Considering that this has been re-occurring for 2 years, it appears to be a very slowly progressive condition. Whether or not it affects the other depends if there is underlying systemic or inherited component to the condition. Since the other eye has no problem at this time, it is unlikely that it would be involved any time soon, if at all. Regular monitor of the both eyes at least every 3-6 months should be done so as to pick-up the slightest sign of progression and/or involvement of the other eye if all. In addition, if you notice any change in vision in the good right, I suggest that you follow-up with your eye doctor for closer evaluation.

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