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Dr. James
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I am a 77 Year old male, in Calgary Canada. At a recent eye

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Hello. I am a 77 Year old male, in Calgary Canada. At a recent eye exam
provided by Costco and performed by an MD Dr of opthometry.
I do not have diabetes nor any blood pressure problem however I am
taking a small Aspirin and a 20 Mg Plavix as 3 Years ago I had a small
deep stroke that left me only some buzzing in my left arm and hand.
I am now wearing bifocals and the total in my left eye is 5 Diopter
for reading and in the right eye it is 6 Diopter. (2.5 for distance)
At the end of the exam the Dr. mentioned that I should come back
for a deeper exam whereas she would dilate my pupils with opium
in order to see the siuation with a small cataract that she suspects
in my right eye. (my dominant eye, specially used as a watchmaker
still doing some work). This process would equire that someone would
have to drive me to this office as it will take several hours for the
drug to leave my eye.
At two other location and at my previous doctors office, there is a
new computer that can do a deeper exam without the eye drops,
and the temp. loss of my vision.
A., Would the new computer see the possible problem in my lens,
and I would not have to resort to the eye drops?
B., Is there any regime that I could follow to reverse or halt the clouding
if it is found?
I may not be about to have further questions this A.M. However I will
close the session and will be pleased to offer some extra consideration.
Many thanks,
PS Now that I was concentrating on my eyes I noticed that when
I close my left eye the right eye sees more cloudy and no metter
how I turn my head the faint pattern of the smudge remains in the
near centre of the page.
Dr. James :


Dr. James and other Eye Specialists are ready to help you

The process to better view your cataracts is called pupil dilation. I am not familiar with medicines they would used in Canada, but I am sure it is not opium. In the US, we use a combination of two medicines to dilated the pupil. These are commonly phenylephrine and tropicamide. Similar medicines are used all over the world for this purpose.

The camera does indeed allow the doctor to see the deeper structures of the eye. This checks for glaucoma and macular degeneration. It does not view a cataract very well. A picture from this camera is a screening tool and unfortunately does not replace a dilated exam with the use of eye drops.

Cataracts are a normal part of aging. Wearing UV sun protection can help slow down the cataracts, unfortunately, there is no medicine to reverse or stop its development.

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Dr. James and other Eye Specialists are ready to help you