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My 82 y/o dad had cataract surgery 5 weeks ago to his left

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My 82 y/o dad had cataract surgery 5 weeks ago to his left eye. (He is blind in his right eye after an untreated stroke destroyed the eye vessels a few yrs ago). He has glaucoma. His regular pressure was about 11 (with Xalatan drops once a day). One week after surgery he had 20/20 vision with eye glasses, no infection, swelling, etc. Then 3 weeks after surgery he had an episode of high eye pressure about 40 and greatly reduced vision . He was then prescribed Azopt and Comibigan in addition to the post-surgical drops of Acuvail, Lotemax. The pressure returned to 11, but now at week 5 he can only see light/dark and outlines of objects. His MD says there is no evidence of damage from the elevated eye pressure. The blindness is reported to be caused by scratches on his cornea caused by the eye drops. The Azopt and Comibigan were discontinued. He is told to wait and see if vision returns and to remain on Xalatan x 1 day, Lotemax x 1 day, and Acuvail x 2 day. I would just like some feedback on what maybe happening to his eye and any suggestions for management I can discuss with his doctor. thks
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It is good to hear that your fathers optic nerve has not been damaged by the short spike in his eye pressure.

When you have scratches on your cornea, or a corneal abrasion from using eye drops your vision will be fairly poor. Think of as trying to look through the frosted glass windows in a bathroom....

Once the scratches heal --it could take as little as a day or as much as a few days -- then the vision should get much better. If things don't improve by Monday your dad's surgeon may want to try putting a "bandage contact lens" in his eye. This is a very thin, extended, disposable, large, soft lens used to protect the corneal surface while it heals.

The drops he is on right now sound goo d to me and it seems that your Dad is in good hands with this ophthalmologist.

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