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For the last 10 minutes my left eye is seeing a "ripple"

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For the last 10 minutes my left eye is seeing a "ripple" effrct in my vsion. Straight ahead is clear but mostly to the left my vision is like a pool of water and somebody has thrown a pebble in causing the image to "ripple" constantly. It is not painful but came on suddenly.
Hello and thanks for your question.
Have you or has anyone in your family had a history of migraine headaches?
Did you get carsick as a child?
Is there any headache, nausea, light or loud noise sensitivity associated with this?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ive had one bad migraine(hospitalised) when pregnant with my 4th child. I still get car sick easily as a passenger. There is no headache etc. The only other " weird" symptom lately (last couple of months) is I can smell cigarette smoke even though nobody is smoking near me! Thanks

Believe it or not, your symptoms sound consistent with a migraine phenomenon, but the type called an acephalgic migraine, or migraine without the headache. It is not uncommon at all for a person with a history of migraine headaches to develop a different character to their migraines, even developing the visual phenomena (even if it is different) without the headache. I've seen patients as old as 75 who haven't had a migraine in decades all of the sudden start to have these acephalgic migraines; it can be certainly be a confusing diagnosis.

As long as there is no weakness/numbness, difficulty walking/talking, double vision, or complete (even if transient) loss of vision in either eye, then this acephalgic migraine can just be observed (waited out). If they become bothersome, then they can certainly be treated with migraine preventive or abortive treatments that your doctor should be able to prescribe you.

Does that make sense and does that help address your concerns?

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