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hello doctor i have been using a soft hard contact lense

Resolved Question:

hello doctor

i have been using a soft hard contact lense on my left eye for eye feels dry and i am using artificial tear drops to give me comfort.are there any side effects from this.i am wearing the contact lense for a week.
how would i determine if i have infections from my lense.i am unable to wear the lense for longer then six hours this normal.
would there be any other opthalmic drops that could give comfort to my eye.i have no redness in the eye at the moment.
if i were to see an opthalmologist for my codition,would i have to wear the lense or not
when i have an appointment.

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. James replied 6 years ago.
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Dr. James :


Dr. James :

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Dr. James :

There should not be any side effects to using artificial tears. When using the tears with contact lenses, you should get the re-wetting drops made specifically for contact lenses.

Dr. James :

Infections due to contact lenses usually has symptoms of pain, blurred vision, and light sensitivity.

Dr. James :

If you are seeing your ophthalmologist, it is best to wear the contact lenses so he can see how they fit. If you feel you have an infection, however, you should discontinue use right away and contact your eye doctor.

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