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Dr. Daniel Jewelewicz
Dr. Daniel Jewelewicz, Board Certified Ophthalmologist
Category: Eye
Satisfied Customers: 11
Experience:  Glaucoma Specialist, Associate Professor FAU, Teaching Faculty Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
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Rare Complicated eye problem. I have a rare and complicated

Customer Question

Rare Complicated eye problem. Hi, I have a rare and complicated problem with my left eye.. I have had healthy eyes till last year june 2009 when i was cleaning outside sweeping a large commercial forecourt while i was sweeping the wind blew dirt and grit into my face and into my eye at that time i was busy sweeping and thought i will clean it later.. then later that day someone smashed a glass door and the glass went flying in the air like powder i was standing next to the person and i sweeped that glass.. i had more than one foreign objects enter my eye in one day.. at that time i tried washing it out tried everything no drops worked went doctors hospital they said there is nothing in eye but the pain wont go away.. my vision is not affected my left eye has stabbing pain and there is a clear white discharge no redness..eyes look normal.. it has been over a year and that pain is always there i have been going through hell.. i have lost one year of my life.. i have been to the hospital many times they said there is nothing in the eye.. everytime i go hospital there is a new doctor and do not know whats causing discharge.. ct scan was done but showed nothing. Is there any cure to my problem i cant live with this pain anymore. If you can cure me i will get a new life. I have a feeling something is around eye socket.. something so tiny that cant be seen... it is possible i didnt clean it properly and went sleep with foreign object in eye and got pushed in eye socket overnight i am getting clear white discharge there is no infection in the eye... eyesight is not affected.. the only symptom sharp stabbing pain followed by burning then clear white discharge in left eye. Bothe eyes are white and look normal. I almost got into depression thinking its ocular herps.. some people say it could be a nerve problem... the pain has always been there since june 2009 sometimes mild deep dull ache sometimes stabbing sharp pain burning clear discharge.. since last 5 months sharp stabbing pain most of the time.. it has ruined my life. I said to the eye doctor something might have gone around eyeball into eye socket they said thats impossible but something unlikely has happened to me.. they have so far checked the eye but not around. Whatever it is must be deeply embedded with skin grown over it over the last year. Please help. The only relief is sleep it does not wake me up but as soon as i wake up the pain is there. I have never had any problems with my eyes before this it is the first time i went opticians after having this problem... eyesight is excellent they said there is no scratch and nothing in eyes. Could it be a disease triggered off by something going in? I am trapped in a body with stabbing pain in my left eye... i can live a normal life if this problem gets cured but when? its already been over a year.. its never going to get better on its own.  Please help  many thanks. If its nerve problem what are the symptoms?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. A.S. Desai replied 7 years ago.

Welcome to Just Answer

After having gone through your detailed question, all I can say is that there cannot have been a foreign body in your left eye for almost one year and none of the doctors would have picked it , is very unlikely. Our conjunctival sac ( white of the eye seen outside) does not have any communication with the inside of the eye. Because of this , no foreign body can enter the eye without actulally penetrating the scleral wall ( very tough structure , only a very sharp object can penetrate it , causing a scleral tear.) or the corneal surface( an object can penetrate the cornea but it leaves a corneal scar permanently which reduces vision , and moreover these type of tears are never missed). Thus it can be assured that there is no foreign body in the eye . If at all you do suspect an underlying glass piece, let me inform you that it would have resulted in a reaction in the eye causing redness/ foreign body granuloma, apart from the pain.

The possibility of any nerve damage is also not likely. Problems arising from nerve related damage or involvement, cause different type of presentation , usually painless. Corneal nerves if exposed following injury or foreign body in the eye, cause severe constant pain, watering, redness followed by reduced vision subsequently.

You need to be convinced that there is no foreign body (FB )in the eye by doing an ultrasound of the eye ( non-invasive procedure), done by an ophthalmologist. If this has already been done , with no FB found, then there should not be any doubts left.

Since your main cause of worry is a persistent pain in the left eye , there is a likelihood of dry eyes . This is further confirmed by the fact that sleeping reduces the pain ( eyes are closed), it worsens on awakening. You will need to put lubricating eye drops constantly like preservative free Refresh tears , 1 drop 4 times a day.

Thanks and best wishes

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I DONT HAVE DRY EYES. I've been putting dry eye drops for the last 6 months but the pain wont go away.. it has made my life hell and taken over i am feeling suicidal and when the eyes close the pain is still there its when i'm sleeping that i dont feel anything.. its not irritation its sharp constant stabbing pain.. i cant live a normal life like this.. i think the problem is something else. Maybe there is nothing penetrated in the eye but it is possible for something overnight get trapped around the eye socket orbit? If there was nothing there no disease why am i getting stabbing pain? ct scan can miss something cant it..? It doesnt take a year for something to get better does it? Never in my life i had problems with eyes.. then suddenly after having so many small foreign objects in the eye i have this problem? Something has been caused by Foreign object.. very possible i didnt wash it out properly and the objects were still in the eye overnight something trapped deep into eye socket. Eyes move  rapidly overnight dont it? what is the body trying to fight a disease or trying to get something out clear white discharge what for?  i am concerend about contant stabbing pain... every waking hour has become hell.. thats not normal is it? i wish it was dry eye but i dont think so
Expert:  Dr. A.S. Desai replied 7 years ago.

Thank you for the reply and additional information.

I can understand your agony and truly sympathise with you. But unfortunately I have to give my comments based on the information given by you. Sicne you have stated that your eye has been examined by many eye doctors, your CT scan has been normal, vision is normal, which points towards a normal eye. Most of the painful conditions of the eye such as keratitis( corneal inflammation), uveitis ( inflammation of the iris) are completely ruled out in your case . This leaves us with a possibility of retrobulbar neuritis ( inflammation of the optic nerve), but again the vision is reduced here. To summarise, all the painful conditions of the eye have been ruled out in your case . Ocular migraine is one condition which can give rise to eye pain with no other eye signs, but is most often intermittent and not constant. The treatment includes a course of tab.Flunarizine, 10 mg, once at bedtime , for a period of 1 month. You also need to calm yourself and not worry so much. Since the pain does not disturb your sleep , atleast it assures that there is no grave problem inside the eye. Any other eye problem causing eye pain would have caused disturbed sleep and only relieved with analgesics. You can try anti-anxiety medication like tab.alprazolam ( dosage will be given by the treating doctor).

I wish you well.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The doctors i have seen are normal doctors at the hospital.. this has become a complicated problem i need someone very experienced to help.. if my eye is normal i should not be getting stabbing sharp pain which interferes with everyday life..pain is only in left eye in or around eye socket not headache.. i have not lived a normal life since june 2009 when this problem happened.. i am suffering everyday.. i have to sleep all day weekends coz soon as i wake up the pain is there..i cant even watch tv.. i am not able to concentrate on work... life wouldnt be hard if there was no pain.. and when you've got constant pain you do not forget.. i will describe it as a ongoing toothache for a year how would it make anyone feel? If there is no disease eyes were perfectly normal.. then there must be something around eye socket where it cant be seen.. very unlikly.. but that unlikly has happened to me.
Expert:  Dr. A.S. Desai replied 7 years ago.
what you have said is absolutly right. I'm afraid this is all that I can say in your case. I feel helpless to comment further as commenting after an actual eye exam is better.

I wish to opt out so that some other expert can do some justice to your question and answer it. You will have to wait till some other expert comes online. I wish you well and hope you get relief from your eye pain.
Expert:  Dr. Daniel Jewelewicz replied 7 years ago.
It seems you have a troublesome problem indeed. I will not go over the differential diagnosis again, as Dr. Desai has done a wonderful job. It is virtually impossible that you have an INTRA OCULAR foreign body. But it is possible - remote, but possible, that you have an inert substance such as a fine piece of glass under the conjunctiva (the white outer covering that has fine blood vessels on it). Although a prominent piece would be visible at the microscope, a tiny piece may not, and may cause some chronic irritation. An "exploration" is certainly not indicated, as your vision is fine and there is no evidence of intra ocular inflammation. However, we do treat episcleritis (an inflammation of the outer covering, the episclera, beneath the conjunctiva) with a class of drugs known as NSAID - non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs. I have seen patients with chronic discomfort with no discernible cause find relief this way. Ketorolac is an available generic (brand name Acular). Also Xibrom, Nevanac, Acular LS. My advice to you is to revisit your ophthalmologist and request a trial of NSAID drops to see if you find relief. Clearly, it is impossible to solve your problem without actually looking at your eye, and this forum is no substitute for a thorough exam, but this may provide you with a starting point in your discussion with your ophthalmologist that may provide you some relief. I have seen it work before. Good luck. I hope you feel better.
Dr. Daniel Jewelewicz, Board Certified Ophthalmologist
Category: Eye
Satisfied Customers: 11
Experience: Glaucoma Specialist, Associate Professor FAU, Teaching Faculty Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
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