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If i am using my tobradex drops & ciloxan gel once a

Resolved Question:

hello doctor
if i am using my tobradex drops & ciloxan gel once a day.when would be the best time to insert the drops morning or evening.
i donot suffer from diabetes,but i do have a slightly high insulin level.would this be a problem?
i also have advanced keratokonus in my left long should i wait to do the left eye.i cannot get use to hard lenses,would there any other alternative.
my regraph was done usinf the old method,is there any benefits in doing this technique as i had alot of scarring.
i read an article that the new corneal graph methods yield a quicker recovery time this correct?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. James replied 7 years ago.
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Dr. James :


Dr. James :

When was your corneal transplant surgery?

Dr. James :

How often are you using the tobradex eye drops?

Dr. James :

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Dr. James :


Expert:  Dr. James replied 7 years ago.
It appears you are offline.

If you are using the Tobradex and Ciloxan once a day each, you can use the Tobradex in the morning since it is a drop and the Ciloxan in the evening before bedtime since it is a gel. You should wait 10-15 minutes prior to using your contact lenses.

Regarding surgery on the left eye, it is best to wait until the right eye is stabilized. With the traditional full thickness corneal transplant, this is usually from 6-9 months.

The newer method you are reading about is probably the DALK procedure -- DALK standing for deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty. It is true the recovery may be faster, but the decision to proceed with this surgery depends on the surgeon's experience and the degree of scarring/thinning of the cornea. The main advantage is that you are able to keep your own endothelial cells which reduces the risk of rejection.

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