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My wife has had cataract surgery performed on both eyes ( a

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My wife has had cataract surgery performed on both eyes ( a week apart) as of last Tuesday. Her brother is in palliative care expected to die within days. She wants to see him but found out that their dogs have conjunctivitis (pink eye) been treated by vet this morning. Because it is highly contagious in humans, she is wondering if she is putting herself at risk should the virus or bacteria be picked up by her. Am wondering if the drops she is presently taking after surgery are enough to ward off any possible infection?
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Dr. James :


Dr. James :

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Dr. James :

Pink is cause by a virus. There are many different types of virus which can cause pink eye. Not all of them are highly contagious.

Dr. James :

The best case is to avoid contact with those who are infected. In this situation, it should be ok to avoid contact with contaminated surfaces.

Dr. James :

Frequent hand washing and avoiding contact to mucous membranes of the eyes are effective in avoiding transmission.

Dr. James :

The post operative antibiotics would not prevent infection. Avoidance of direct contact to the eyes is the best prevention.


Thank you, ***** ***** constant awareness of surfaces and hand washing are the key.

Dr. James :


If she develops signs of infection. She should contact her ophthalmologist.

Dr. James :

You're welcome.

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