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I have had a headache (in the back of my head and on the

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Hello. I have had a headache (in the back of my head and on the side) for about a week. For the last few days, my face has been turning bright red and itchy for no apparent reason. My sinuses have been worse than usual as well. But my eyes are the biggest concern. I started having pain in my left eye two days ago, and I had a lot of difficulty seeing yesterday. I have been using a hot wet washcloth in case it is pinkeye, but this doesn't seem to be helping. I have also started to have a slight fever, my ears have started ringing, and I feel sick. I am sneezing a little and started taking cold/flu medicine, but my eye seems to be getting a little more painful and even a little swollen. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks so much!

Hello and thanks for your question.

I'm sorry you're feeling miserable. Is the vision back to normal or is it still affected in the left eye today?

Has the eye been red, sensitive to light or had any discharge coming from it?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
My vision is still affected in my left eye (no improvement) and is till painful. Yes, my eye is red and more sensitive to light than usual. Mainly, my eye has been watery, but I have also had a slight bit of light green discharge.

It sounds as though you are having a viral syndrome. That would explain your fever, headache, sneezing and sinus pain. This can affect the eye in the form of a viral conjunctivitis (aka pink eye). Usually the symptoms reach a peak in one eye and then cross over into the other eye.

Usually, because it is a virus that causes these symptoms, no antibiotic will change the course of this and the virus just has to run its course. Occasionally, the inflammatory response in the eye will ramp up significantly enough that a steroid is needed to calm the signs and symptoms.

I would recommend to continue taking the cold medicine, ibuprofen may help with the pain. But I would recommend using cool compresses instead of warm, continue using artificial tears and if the pain and symptoms continue to worsen over the next 24 hours, you should consider seeing an ophthalmologist as you may require prescription medicine to help.

Does this help address your concerns?

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