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Dr Dansingani
Dr Dansingani, Ophthalmic Surgeon
Category: Eye
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I'm looking to improve just the one good eye with a

Resolved Question:

I'm looking to improve just the one good eye with a corrective lens. One optomotrist would not fit me because she said that it takes both eyes to fit me with glasses? Lens angle, frame angle, focal distance... yada, yada. I just want my good right eye to be clear, then the left eye (with the buckel) would just be out of focus - being in focus just amplifies the double vision.
Q: Will this work... can I just get a lens for my right eye, leave the left alone and be able to see clearer? I'm doing that now but with a right eye that's 20/40. If it was 20/20 wouldn't it work?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr Dansingani replied 7 years ago.
Dear Matt,

It would be useful to have more information:

1. Vision of each eye without glasses
2. The degree of refractive error of each eye (sphere, cylinder, axis)

The reason for this is that of each eye has a very different refractive error, spectacle correction can, in certain situations, cause an irritating type of double vision in which one eye sees everything smaller (or larger) than the other eye.

As to whether the solution that you have suggested is workable, the optometrist might be able to put up the proposed prescription in a trial frame, just to get an idea whether you can function with this correction...

But if you let us know your refraction and the vision of each eye, we might be able to give you a better idea.

Best wishes,
K. Dansingani
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