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What is the cause of a cloud over the eye at times also a

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What is the cause of a cloud over the eye at times also a black floating dot.


Kindly give me some more information regarding your question-

- since when are you having the cloud?

- when did you have your last eye check-up?

- is the cloud obscuring a part of your vision?

- is the cloud permanent?

- do you get any tine flashes of light?

- are you on any medicines?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

for the past two weks

I last had an eye check in february2010.

When i blink a few times the cloud disappears.

No tine flashes of light.

I am on Metoprolol 50 mgs and A mlodipine 10mgs daily for bloodpressure

Thanks for the information.

The black floating clot that you are seeing is called a vitreous floater. We a have a thick fluid called vitreous in front of the retina of the eye. This vitreous is usually attached to the retina. With age this gets slowly detached and develops as floaters. The black floating clot is a vitreous floater. In most of the cases it usually settles down with time, but can persist in some cases. You will get adapted to it wit time.

The cloud that you are able to see is a point of concern. There are two possibilities. One is that there is early development of cataract. The other is that you might be having a partial retinal detachment. Sometimes, while getting detached from the retina, the vitreous can cause small hole in the retina, which can cause its detachment. This is an emergency situation and would require surgery as soon as possible. I would advise you to consult your Ophthalmologist as soon as possible for a detailed retinal examination.


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