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I have a continuing eye problem which I have had for over 3

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I have a continuing eye problem which I have had for over 3 months now. Following a friend of mine squeezing my head between his knees to tickle me when I was sitting on the floor, my vision has been altered - it feels like my left eye jumped further forward than the right one and it is a strain to look at anything - and I have had continuous headaches of varying degrees. When I look at anything, it feels like the left eye swoops out and jumps before focusing. I have seen a neurologist and had an MRI, which was clear and have seen numerous opticians and opthamologists , all of which say that my head and eye is fine. However, it has been found that I have a 'slip' in the eye cover test and when I did the Maddox Rod test, I found it almost impossible to line up the vertical red line over the dot in the vertical position (no problems with horizontal). The optician reported that I needed 5 dioptres of BO prism, but did not comment further as I was due to see the neurologist. I found that the red vertical line was moving all over the place and found the line itself difficult to see in the vertical position. I am currently awaiting another appointment with an opthamologist. I have a pulsing sensation behind my eye which feels like it's pressing against a nerve and it hurts - especially as the day wears on. My vision is uncomfortable with contact lenses and glasses, as I don't feel that I have a 'flat' line of vision any more. I truly feel that my eye has changed shaped after it was squeezed. Can anyone help me please as this is driving me crazy.


What you are describing seems that you have received a mild amount of trauma to your eye. The trauma might have injured or caused an inflammation in one of the eye muscles - the fact that your maddox rod test is positive. These kind of injuries might not be very obvious in a routine eye examination. But the good news is that most of these injuries heal over time. In very few cases the symptoms might decrease and not recover fully.

I would recommend you to use the prism glasses, for a comfortable vision, take oral anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen for a week to 10 days even in absence of pain to take care of the inflammation and use lubricating eye drops like genteal/refresh tears/optive etc.


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