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Lately i have been getting migraines, my husband suggested

Resolved Question:

Lately i have been getting migraines, my husband suggested it was my dope smoking ways. I am a 56yr old fremale, been through the change quite happily. high powered job, have been doing more computer work of late but get migraines out of work mainly. Migraines dont hurt so much as make my eyes flicker so fast, i have very little balance during them. Panadol was helping, doc gave me pills (sumatriptan 50gm ARROW) these work too. My fitness isnt to bad I swim once a week and try to get walking or cycling in but I could be a size smaller I should be doing more.
Question is: how do I stop getting them, are my dope smoking ways (one a day at end or work, maybe, but i don't drink) causing them or is it the computer or is it my age or some mineral deficiency.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Dan B. replied 7 years ago.

Hello and thank you for your question. There are many commonly believed triggers for migraine headaches. For some people, wine, cheeses and chocolate are common triggers. For others the fluorescent lighting often seen in offices or the using the computer are triggers. Other people have stress as a trigger or bright lights. And then some people have triggers that are unique to them, but there nonetheless.

Of the three possible causes of the migraines, I would go first to the computer. Marijuana use is not a known trigger of migraines; in fact some people use it for some relief from the migraines. The mineral deficiency theory is also not a commonly appreciated trigger of migraine headaches.

I would first start out by analyzing what or if any of the foods/drinks you ingest may have a pattern of causing them. As far as your computer work, I would use artificial tears 3-4x/day to help your eyes not be too dry from the computer work. In addition, try to have as much natural light available while working on the computer and take frequent breaks to focus away from the computer.

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