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Dear doctors i need your help please for my swolling eye

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dear doctors i need your help please for my swolling eye lids. my left eye lid was swelling first and i went to wills eye hospital and they did four biopsy.and each time they operate on it the swelling return again.and now both of my eyes are puffy.all the result after the doctor study, they say it could fat or protein.but today i take my chances to ask you for your help,because i know someone out there con help me name is ***** ***** my e-mail add***@******.*** and also i have a chronicle insomnia,always tired and fatige.


Kindly give some more information regarding your question -

- are there any other symptoms like redness, irritation, skin discoloration etc?

- is the swelling more in evening or morning?

- are you on any medicines?

- what was the report of the biopsies?

- where exactly is the swelling - whole eyelid, eyelid margin or localized area?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

My History is listed as having lymphoid hyperplasia of the orbits

There is diffuse pre-septal soft tissue swelling and/or thickening measuring up to 1cm in maximal AP dimensionon the left, now right side as well. (used to be the left side only)

It gets very itchy and bumpy at times. watery eyes all day, I have very good vision & only use reading glasses for nearsight. If it's cold weather my eyes have discharge and tears.

In the morning they are the most swollen and especially when I don't get much sleep.

The swelling used to be on the eye lids only until it's been examined and probed so many times now it's spread to under my eye bags. At times I have pains and headaches one side.

The only health issue I have is high cholesterol, besides that I am very healthy.

I am a vegan and consume no animal or dairy products my entire life.

Please see if there is anything you can tell me about my condition that would help me because I have been suffering with this for quite some time and every specialist I've been to have found nothing. I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for your time and hard work.


Thanks for the detailed information and the photographs.

Lymphoid hyperplasia of the orbits is usually of three kinds - benign, malignant and atypical. The benign lymphoid hyperplasia is commonest of the three. As the name suggests malignant kind is cancerous and requires radiotherapy as treatment. The fact that you have not been given radiotherapy indicates that you are not having malignant lymphoid hyperplasia. Atypical lymphoid hyperplasia is difficult to categorize into benign or malignant and is difficult to treat.

The history of patients of lymphoid hyperplasia usually consists of recurrent swelling in the area involved. Most cases do not respond to anti-inflammatories. Rituximab is a drug which has been used in some cases of recurrent swelling in cases of lymphoid hyperplasia with good results. Below is the ink to one of the studies. I would advise you to discuss this possible treatment with your doctor.

I hope this helps


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

thank you very much for your answer and your hard work.

may god bless you


Glad to be of help.

All the best