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I am experiencing two things right now that may or may not

Resolved Question:

I am experiencing two things right now that may or may not even be related. One is I have developed double vision. I also had it 5 years ago, and after all the MRIs, ct Scans, blood tests , visits to many specialists etc, nothing was found and surgery to correct the eye muscle was recomended. The surgeon wanted to wait in case the problem with the nerve to that muscle healed, which after about 6 months it had for the most part. Noe it has returned although not quite as pronounced as before. It tends to become worse as I get tired late in the day or with consumption of alcohol.
Second thing is a vibration sensation in my front right hip area. Intermittent but has been there daily for the past week. I have experienced these before in my ankle area on the other leg but not as consistent as this time.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. PG replied 7 years ago.


Both the conditions that you are describing do not seem to be related. The double vision (as stated in your previous history) seems to be due to weak eye muscle secondary to a nerve involvement. This seems to have healed partially, resulting in double vision or eye strain when you are tired. If your eyes are parallel and not squinting, I would not recommend a surgery. On the other hand exercises to improve the muscle tone for the eyes and resting your eyes (by closing them) intermittently during the day might help.

The vibratory sensation that you are describing again can be due to multiple reasons like Vitamin B12 deficiency, electrolyte imbalance, excessive tea/coffee/alcohol, calcium deficiency, hormonal imbalance (hypothyroid), lead toxicity or an early neurological problem. I would recommend you to get an evaluation by your physician to rule out the above problems. In the meantime take a good multivitamin supplement, calcium supplement, drink lots of fluids (juices to take care of any potassium imbalance) and cut down on tea/coffee/alcohol.


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