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Dr. Dan B.
Dr. Dan B., Board Certified Ophthalmologist
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My was diagnosed with an eye infection a week ago. they have

Customer Question

my was diagnosed with an eye infection a week ago. they have changed his drops 3 times, and he has not improved. today his eyelid now has blisters so they also started acyclovir, tonight his glands are swollen, and he is running a 103.4 fever. he just keeps getting so much worse
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Dan B. replied 7 years ago.

Hello and thank you for your question. Please allow me to ask you a few questions so I can better understand the problem.

When you say "they" changed his drops, who is they? Did he see a pediatrician, an emergency medicine doctor, an optometrist or an ophthalmologist?

Where are the blisters? Around his eye, around his nose, around his mouth? Are they small, white blisters on a red base?

Is he having significant vision loss or eye pain?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

He saw our family doctor twice, and then the opthamologist twice. The blisters are on his eyelid and lips, and look like they are full of yellow fluid.

Vision seems to only be deminished because they are constantly "watering" a clear yellow fluid. Some eye pain, but really more just irritated. But there is no white to his eye at all, the entire thing is blood red and swollen.

Due to his high fever, we just returned from the er. They gave him a bag of iv fluids, rocephin and did a ct scan of his brain. They said everying looked alright for now, and would wait to se how he did in the next day before doing a tap. They sem to be torn between a sinus infection - that is draining from his eye, and maybe herpes virus in his eye and mouth.

Expert:  Dr. Dan B. replied 7 years ago.

From what you've described this does sound consistent with a herpes virus infection of the eye. Unfortunately the herpes simplex virus can affect many tissues of the body, the eye being one of them. And within the eye, it can affect nearly every layer of the eye from the cornea all the way back to the retina.

In light of this, acyclovir is the correct treatment. As to what extent the virus is in his eye he may even need steroid treatment in the eye concurrently with the acyclovir.

Most people usually do not get very sick if their outbreak is a recurrence or reactivation of the virus. A lot of people in the population have herpes virus latent in our nerve cells in our body and it can reactivate and cause these blisters. However, when the infection is the first of its kind in a person (a primary infection) it can cause someone to be quite sick and can even cause an encephalitis.

Because of the severity of the potential complications, this is certainly something you don't want to fool around with and want to make sure he has close follow-up with his primary care doctor and his ophthalmologist.

Does that help address your concerns?

I am happy to be able to help you today. If you would be so kind, please help me get credit for my efforts in answering your questions and press the ACCEPT button for this encounter. I will also be happy to answer any other questions until you have the information you need.

Any positive feedback and/or bonus you may feel prompted to provide would be welcomed and is appreciated. Thanks for your inquiry!

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