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My daughter almost 5 years old.Almost three weeks ago she

Resolved Question:

Hello My daughter melissa almost 5 years old.Almost three weeks ago she has been at our community pool.Since then she discharge at her eyes ,their red and itchy.Inthe morning they are felaky.Today her left eye looks swell and corner of her eyes are redish.What can I do about her problem?I was going to take her to our pediatric doctor in the morning ?Should I ?Thank you. Canan
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Dan B. replied 7 years ago.

Hello and thank you for your question.

It sounds as though she may have a conjunctivitis from the history you have provided. This may be an infectious conjunctivitis (bacterial or viral aka pink eye) or it may be allergic. If there is a significant itching component (can't keep from itching her eyes), then that may be a clue as to a possible allergic cause. If she has a history of seasonal allergies, then this may also lend credence to this as a cause.

Allergic conjunctivitis usually affects both eyes at the same time (although one may be asymmetrically worse than the other), causes intense itching, can make the eyes themselves and also the lids around the eyes boggy with swelling, and there can be whitish to yellowish ropy discharge (can sometimes pull these out like a rope).

Bacterial conjunctivitis usually has more copious discharge which is thicker, definitely more yellow to green and the eyes tend to be more red, whereas in allergic conjunctivitis they can be more pink.

Viral conjunctivitis is usually seen after having had a common cold, or been around someone with a red eye. The most important part of this is that it usually runs its course in two-three weeks.

Because this is still actively going on three weeks later, it is likely not a viral conjunctivitis. The history tends to support an allergic cause, but the exam is a very important part of her evaluation. I recommend that she see an ophthalmologist who can examine her to make that determination. In the time you have to wait to see the ophthalmologist, you can certainly buy an over-the-counter allergy drop (such as Zaditor, in an orange box) and try that as directed to see if she gets symptomatic relief. Also cool compresses can provide symptomatic relief.

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