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I am 74. I have noticed for several years after reading,

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I am 74. I have noticed for several years after reading, computer work, TV, or close work my far vision takes 30 minutes to focus properly. My Opthamologist is trying to help me, but he says I have dry eyes and I have gone through several different drops with no satisfactory solution yet. My dry eye number is ***** ever what that means. My eyes are not uncomfortable or red or painful - just temporarily blurred in the far vision. My eyeglass prescription has not changed in several years. I use byfocal glasses. I have been told I have the beginnings of cataracs.
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It is likely that your difficulty in re-focusing for distant vision is due to the weakness or poor ability of the your eye lens and/or muscle spindles which surround the lens in your eyes to change the shape of the lens in order to properly focus light at the back of your eye (retina). After strong accommodation for near work or reading, changing to view object at distant requires the lens to flatten from a more curved shape. Due to the hardened lens (from cataract formation) and/or weak eye muscles, the lens is very slow at changing from curved to a more flattened shape in order to re-focus, so it takes time for you to re-focus. It could even get blurred sometimes as you attempt to change focus or view. The effect of cataract on re-focusing affect individuals differently. I suggest that you follow-up with your eye doctor for closer evaluation of the cataract with glare test. It is likely that the distance power of your prescription will need to be adjusted to reduce strain on re-focusing. In addition, I suggest that your eye doctor teach your orthoptic eye exercises to help strengthen your eye lens re-focusing ability.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you for the quick answer. On the cataract that is forming, I can not tell from my own experience that it is worsening. In fact except for the fact that I have been told that I have the beginnings of cataracts, I wouldn't know it. The eye doctor told me again recently that there has been no change in the cataracts from two years ago. I just have a hard time believing that "Dry Eyes" is my problem since everything I have read about the dry eyes condition doesn't mention the focusing problem as a symptom. Do you think the dry eyes is a part of the focusing problem?

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Thank you so much:

Dry eyes causes a change in the tear film mensicus on the cornea. The Tear film contributes to a fraction of the refractive index or power of the eye. Therefore altered tear film from dry eyes can indeed contribute to difficulty re-focusing, but it may not be all the cause, as blinking will for a short time restore focus if is due to dry eyes only. So, in addition to possible dry eyes, the weakened eye muscle ability to re-shape the lens could be contributing to the problem. For dry eyes, be sure to use only preservative free tear drop such as Refresh or Genteal tear drop 4 times daily. Avoid use of tear drops with benzakonium chloride as this preservative can irritate and affect the cornea surface.